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Yes, teamwork makes the dream work!

In this month’s exercise, it is all about collaboration and I am all about collaboration. I am a believer of teamwork as it has brought me to a different height and it brings more value to the table. I always wanted to collaborate with different people which made me start @archisteemon Steemit, so that my journey is not a lonely one 😛



SketchNation x Archisteem

After working on @archisteem for some time, the team always wanted to realize the vision of promoting awareness and empower the community to be involved with the betterment of our future built environment. Besides writing about it, we wanted to expand our channel to be more influential which then led us to experience, memory and photography. That is how we want to portray the value of places, through the eyes of different people to more people.

Nonetheless, there is always a limited scalability whereby the stories needed to be curated and refine into short and sweet compiled stories for the community to consume. Therefore, it requires time and effort from our side to get the work done. I would like to thank @mattifer@delishtreats and @eric-isiah for the hard work done. We still need more manpower to do all the curation, when we have 1001 stories to curate, that is not an easy one-day task.

Knowing our own project limitation, there is always thoughts of expanding and making ourselves able to reach more people and spread the message about sustainability.

On the other hand, @kymio had been working on his NGO, Sketchnation for four years, which is truly impressive and admirable. He initiated this at first is to promote sketching to people and let more people able to express themselves through sketches. After the progression of operating the NGO, he concluded that this is actually a good way to promote sustainable lifestyle to more people. Through sketching, especially urban sketching, people are more aware about the surrounding infrastructure and buildings. When they sketch, there will be thoughts about all the elements around them. With that spark, the sketching event can turn into an educative session to learn more about our built environment. This is truly a very fun and efficient way to embed such idea to a person mind.

Besides that, Sketchnation is not only focusing on a very specific community or people. The NGO aims to make sketching a skill that is able to be learned and applied with ease. That, I truly agree that sketching should be that way. We should not be judgmental on the sketch; every sketch has its value and thoughts behind. Due to our own skepticism, we don’t want to show our poor sketching skill and that makes us reluctant to start sketching. Through Sketchnation event, it is possible to break such skepticism and get people to draw.

@kymio is a person with ambition and vision. He wanted to bring Sketchnation to the global stage rather than just staying local in Malaysia. After all, sketching is a skill that is learnable by everyone! This led him to setting up the NGO that he founded and making the operation more systematic and able to scale. Most importantly, he kept reinventing the Sketchnation to make it sustainable so that it can run without too dependent with sponsors.




With that notion, we started to explore the possibilities on how to make an initiative sustainable. It is the same problem that I am facing with @archisteem whereby I can’t find a way to fund the project. Besides having the help of all the generous backers like @funditionand @sndbox, it is good to have more ways to sustain the operation. This is one way to reduce risk and make the initiative more sustainable and attractive.

From this meal, we had put the idea of combining the real world, Sketchnation and the virtual world, Archisteem into one. This is one super exciting thing that I am really looking forward to. There are just so many possibilities that we can do together to promote our unanimous vision which is the betterment of our future built environment, making our life sustainable. As of now, we are just using as our platform to operate. Yet, we are considering developing our own DApp to cater the operation of Archisteem and Sketchnation. In addition to that, to launch of our token based on these activities is a very high possibility!



Looking forward to getting the framework out and start to execute the plans 🙂 Stay tuned!

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