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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series – every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

#SmartMediaFutures Results

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Last week we explored the world of Smart Media Tokens! In celebration of all things open source, we teamed up with @utopian-io to incentivize some brainstorming and ideation of new Smart Media concepts. A very warm thank you to @didic for moderating the challenge and for providing such comprehensive feedback. Also to @techslut for her support of this week’s big question! Make sure to take a look at the original announcement, here.

Looking ahead, there’s an exciting new dimension of Steem that is being developed. Smart Media Tokens (frequently referred to as SMTs) are slated to be phased into the blockchain by March of 2019. SMTs are a new feature of the blockchain that will allow anyone to create their own cryptocurrency. These customizable Smart Tokens will have all the bells and whistles that Steem currently has; 3-second transactions (the time it takes to vote on content / transfer balances between users) and zero fees.


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The Question – What would your Smart Media look like?

If you could customize your own SMT, what would you want it to do? Is there an industry problem that you’d like it to tackle? Would you want it integrated into your existing website or publication? In this post, we’ll highlight a handful of the entries to open up a discussion in the comments below.

CritDay Coin
In this proposal, @critday outlines a plan of action to tokenize engagement among architecture and design students around the world. CritDay Coin takes advantage of an already existing band of 114k instagram followers / in combination with a growing study of what the Steem blockchain can offer creative practitioners. This proposal leverages the “crit” culture in architecture, where designers showcase their work for public critique.

CritDay Coin would encourage international discussion and collaboration. Architects are trained all over the world, as the method and techniques of architectural education vary between countries. For example, students in the UK are taught different processes and techniques to those in Malaysia, but information on this is not readily available. CritDay Coin would support global interaction, where a student from India could share their design process with American students and vice versa, all visible on one platform.

tygs.jpg In this proposal, @hhtb (Hip Hop the Blockchain) showcases a unique take on how Smart Media can blend with action in the real world. Specifically, the art of hip hop and rap battles. This token proposal TYGS, is a reward and incentive economy for participants of battles and the surrounding audience. With this post, @hhtb taps into the exciting potential of a performance art merging with the blockchain world.

The TYGS Token (or SMT) will become the platforms way of rewarding participants and incentivizing the battles. It will be functional within the TYGS Dapp (currently in ideation) as well as over Steemit with our activities here. It’s our first attempt at a Hip Hop economy!

writcoin.jpg In this proposal, @raj808 illustrates an exiting take on Smart Media – Building Bridges Between Steem & Mainstream. WritCoin would blend the world of online writers with IRL publishing houses. This token would serve as an intermediary for creatives looking to take their craft from a blog to a real bound book. WritCoin looks towards accelerating the professional impact of quality writers on Steem and beyond.

The idea of WritCoin is to create a dedicated (SMT) currency to reward only quality creative writing on steemit, while marketing both the token and idea to traditional publishing houses as an opportunity to invest in a growing concern as well as sourcing new talent for anthologies.

naturalmedicine.jpg In this proposal, @mountainjewel tackles a token designed to reward and promote the sharing of experience, wisdom, tradition and science-based practices of natural medicine. Content creators would be rewarded with the SMT for providing and moderating good advice (and filtering out the less reputable!) This proposal leverages the Oracle layer of the SMT protocol to preserve reputable advice.

There is a lot of natural remedy information floating around the internet. A token around natural medicine would address the problem of safety and reputation and filtering when sharing a remedy, skill or awareness.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the participants of the #SmartMediaFutures challenge. Make sure to explore the tag to see more proposals by @maxiemoses-eu@walnut1@imagen and @sbamsoneu.

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