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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series – every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

The #BlockPitch Challenge

This week we’re looking for your best blockchain pitch. How would you describe “blockchain” if you had only 1 sentence to explain it? Blockchain is by far the biggest buzzword of 2018, yet, most struggle when it comes to articulating it. If you had a maximum of 280 characters (the length of a Tweet) what key points would you’d like to drive home?

How would you describe “Blockchain” in 1 sentence?

How to Play

  • Comment below with your 1 sentence pitch. Please only use a maximum of 280 characters. Put your thinking caps on, have fun and be creative 🙂
  • We’ll upvote the comment section!
  • Our team will tweet the best examples via the @sndbox twitter account

Explore Past Challenges

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The Weekly Question Series, stems from research topics within the Sndbox incubator. This series is made open to the public in an effort to engage all Steemians and explore new forms of collaboration.

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