Welcome to our Weekly Question Series – every week, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

The Dpoll Challenge

This week is all about hitting the polls! And not just any old poll, no sir, this challenge taps into a decentralized application called created by @emrebeyler! Dpoll (decentralized poll) is built atop the Steem blockchain. Here you can log on and ask for feedback, opinions and ideas from your audience.

Learn more about Dpoll, click here.

Most everyone in the Steem universe is working on some kind of community initiative, creative project or collaboration. This week we’re asking you to explore using Dpoll as a resource – gauge your community for feedback. Ask for help, ideas, or perhaps even a new direction.

How might a Decentralized Poll impact your project?

How to Play

  • Publish a poll using
  • Share a link in the comment section below. Tell us how the poll went!
  • We’ll curate our favorites over the next week
  • Have fun, be creative and make sure to participate in the polls of others! 🙂

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