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Exploring the Blockchain

Following up from our response to the Sndbox Weekly Question we are going to explore, in a lot more detail, what we want to do and who we hope to work with.

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In this post, we plan to share the following:

  • Existing Blockchain Apps that we are using
  • Provide an overview of an Upcoming App we’re excited about
  • Propose our very own App in collaboration with @tygs

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Blockchain Apps We Use

In the list below we are focusing on Apps that are not on Steemit. Later as we explore our App idea we will touch on the Steemit Dapps in detail.


Musicoin launched officially back in February of 2017 and in December 2017 the platform had 1500+ registered Artists. With a growing community and exciting updates coming, it’s a must-be-on platform for all artists.

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Choon hit the scene in May 2018 and is quickly attracting users to its easy-to-use platform that features playlist splits between creators and listeners.

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We just recently created an account on this new Blockchain Video platform. BitTube offers another alternative for decentralized video including, mining. You can learn more about it in a recent Post from @djlethalskillz and follow us Here


We found this neat tool that enables you to earn crypto just for searching. It’s something we do almost everyday, so why not make some PRE tokens while you’re at it?

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On a side note, if you like walking and crypto you will probably enjoy making that sweat pay with SweatCoin and support @vandigital on the referral. If we could only make Hip Hop sweat!

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Excitement Brewing For WhaleShares

Book your spot now! Whaleshares is about to be released this 15th September to the public and we’re pretty hyped about setting up an account for @hhtb. (we’re guessing by the time this post is released the platform will be up and running!)

As a Fork of Steemit, WhaleShares has a unique approach that encourages more.. wait for it… Sharing! Rather than “upvoting” like you would in Steemit, users of WhaleShares are encouraged to “Share” content they like and get rewarded that way!

A lot of Steemians have been involved in the creation of this platform and you will see many similarities with Steemit as well as a “cross-posting” option that we think is really useful.

With that we would like to leave you with the most recent post from @officialfuzzy detailing The Whaleshares Whalepaper.

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TYGS – A Dapp for Hip Hop

Our new initiative with @vandigital is going to decentralize the Hip Hop Battle Scene worldwide. TYGS is about to be on the Blockchain with plans to build an engaging and simple Dapp. Anyone remember Lil Dap? Hmmm.. ok back to the project!

Why Build An Dapp?

It wasn’t in the initial plan to build an Dapp for @tygs. We actually intend to use Instagramas the first method of engagement. In Malaysia most of the youth and Hip Hop scene are very active on Instagram, utilizing the Stories and IGTV functions we thought it would be a great platform to build our initial fan base and conduct a Pilot battle season, focusing on where @tygs was first started.

So why build an App?

Inspired by @steepshot and @dlive, and the functionality of Instagram, we feel like it’s time to kick off the process here while we go ahead with our Pilot project in Malaysia. We recognize that this is not an overnight job and our first step (in this post) is to answer these questions and announce our next destination.

We are building an App so that we can introduce our SMT (TYGS) and create an ecosystem for the Hip Hop battle participants to earn rewards and incentives on a cool, simple and engaging platform. We might just become the first Hip Hop Blockchain Dapp!

What Will The App Do?

The TYGS App will allow users to register on the platform, join battles, record and upload their entries, browse battle entries, upvote, comment and view the leader boards.

It will eventually come with a wallet and and a number of ways to transact using our TYGS SMT.

How Are We Going To Do It?

After this announcement (if you’re reading and want to get involved leave a comment) it is our aim to put together a couple of key pieces. We will be looking to put together a team and raise funds through the awesome network of @sndbox@utopian-io @fundition @curie and any other resources we can utilize.

Where Are We Now?

We are right at the beginning. Where an idea comes to light and embedded into a block in a chain of what might come. This is the most exciting time of a project, with the exception of the launch!

What Will It Look Like?

The @tygs Dapp will look like a version of Instagram but using Video as the only medium. We were thinking of some of the elements we would like to include, so we hope you can visualize them as you read through below…


  • Showcase your videos and the videos you’ve watched along with the usual profile image, banner and bio


  • Control all of your settings here


  • Follow battles and users to see their video entries in your feed

Join Battle:

  • Scroll a list of available battles
  • Enter as a participant
  • Select available beat
  • Later we will add a “Create A Battle” option


  • Test Mode is made for users to practice and will continually loops Beat for a test preview
  • Video recording is made easy with template frames including the details of the battle and the name of the participant in the design
  • Participants will be able to listen to beat loops while recording themselves from their front or rear cameras
  • A countdown of 5 before the beat starts. Recording is capped to 1 Minute per entry
  • Audio recording happens simultaneously when recording is triggered


  • Allow for basic audio editing, permitting users to level the volume and possibly add filters to improve the audio recording quality before they upload their entries


  • Posts will appear in both the Battle feed as well as the participants feed
  • Lyrics can be included in the post (appear as pop-up?)
  • Posts will be tagged according to battle and user
  • Users upvote and comment posts to determine winners
  • Posts to be made shareable

Leader Board:

  • A Leader Board will reflect User rankings according to the upvotes and judges decisions
  • This can be broken down to country, language and overall
  • Leaders can claim additional rewards

Without any mock visuals (are you a designer? we need help!) we hope that you can use your imagination in regards to all the information above. It’s going to be an exciting time moving forward and we would appreciate any and all feedback in the comments below!

We know this is a lot to digest and we thank you for taking the time to read more about our project and Dapp ideas! Don’t forget, we’ve created @tygs here on Steemit, so do give us a follow. We appreciate all the support we can get, delegations, upvotes, comments, resteems and the rest of it! Oh and if you haven’t followed @hhtb do it now!

One Love!

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