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Looking Forward

This is the final Syllabus of the @sndbox incubator for this year. We’ve been asked to imagine where we see ourselves in the world of Crypto in 2020. Considering that I haven’t been dealing with Crypto for even a year and seeing how much I’m involved now, anything could be possible. Thanks to Steemit and the amazing people I’ve met, the Blockchain feels like a permanent part of my future. I’m excited to continue with Steemit, and see where the crypto path takes us.


STEEM + The Future With Travelfeed

My biggest wish would be to be create a successful standalone Travelfeed platform, encouraging travelers outside of the Blockchain to share their stories. I hoping that TravelFeed will be enough someday to help travelers to finance their trips. It’d be amazing to make the dream come true for those who want to travel, be independent and make a living while being on the road. We totally understand the fear of loving a lifestyle, but not being able to continue with it. I know how this dread can limit you, and generate stress, and it’d be nice to help alleviate that for others.

Along with the entire TravelFeed team, I see such huge potential in the travel community. There are so many people who are traveling or would like to, but don’t know where to start or how to finance it. With the TravelFeed platform, we’d like to take that fear away, and guide travelers in the right direction.


Looking Ahead to 2019

With our movie recommendation site Criticker, we’d love to move forward with the introduction of SMTs and maybe ease the way of our long term users into the world of Crypto by implementing the @tokenbb forums, which could be the gateway to it. On top of it, we’re playing with the idea of making Criticker opensource, to take advantage of the workforce we would have access to via @utopian-io.

As for our personal project For 91 Days, I want to continue traveling. Lately, we’ve had to take it easier due to some unfortunate financial realities. But starting in January 2018, For91days will be in full swing again with some slight changes. We’ll once again be posting daily, growing our readership, producing amazing content, and increasing our presence on the Steem Blockchain.

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