T H E  S T O R Y 
O F  F A W K E S 

Since joining Steem, I barely created a few posts where I briefly scraped the surface when it came to talking about myself, and maybe that’s the reason why I postponed making this post until the last day. It’s a topic that I find a bit challenging since I’m used to talking about other matters and less about myself. It’s time to break the ice but, before I tell you more about myself, I have to tell you about my past, about how I became the man I am today since it’s relevant to my current situation.

I am right now at a point in my life where I am pretty much pleased with how everything’s going but, it wasn’t always like that. No, this is not going to be a sad story, far from it but, some years ago my life was not looking that great only because I wasn’t the best version of myself at that time.

My Past and Self-Development

I remember that I started learning, developing myself at the age of 14 even if I can’t recall exactly how I started doing it and why. I wasn’t hurrying up that much back then; I wasn’t that eager to learn until, at the age of 15-16, I stumbled upon a content creator that changed my life. That was my mentor; I have no idea how I ended up watching one of his clips but, somehow, I decided to check out more of his stuff.



Crazy Romanian Party

I am thankful, to this day that I did so because, without that knowledge, I am sure that I wouldn’t be in the same place today. That wise man made me love learning and self-developing, his content shifted my mentality entirely. But, what’s more critical to my current situation and my vision, he made me love truth, he made me love being authentic, and those values impacted my life, and my creational journey the most.

Things scaled up quickly from that point; I remember that there were days when I wasn’t doing anything else but learning. Soon, I started learning from more people; I started loving reading, I started learning economics and even philosophy, all thanks to that passion for learning that my first mentor hardwired into my brain.


Another Crazy Romanian Party

I wasn’t doing it to get rich or to build some kind of empire, the main reason I was improving myself was that, once I got on that path, a lot of great things started happening to me, and I loved the way my life was evolving. I had no idea where this whole self-development thing was going to take me but, years after I started, when I stumbled upon Steem, everything became clear, I was able to see the bigger picture and how everything came together.

The Now

Because of that love for truth and learning, I acquired a long time ago; I am now in a position from where I am able to share my truth, to share what I know so other people can have one of those red-pill moments that will end up changing their life, forever. This is the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing, this is the reason why I’m trying to spread as much value as possible, and why I still spend dozens of hours weekly only to learn more, to grow, and to get myself better.



Looking Fancy For The Camera

I fall in love with truth and authenticity, especially that we live in such a fake society, and that’s the reason why I’m always trying to speak my mind freely. I am confident that who I am today and everything I have accomplished is thanks to that day I have mentioned about above that impacted my life significantly. Thus, I’m trying to make for others what my mentors have done for me.

I don’t talk about myself often, so you probably don’t know that my name is George and that I’m a young Romanian that’s currently studying marketing. I was never into writing before joining Steem; I never thought that my life would take me here but, even if my writings are not that fancy, I am still glad that I can share my thoughts in a direct way like this.



So Much Green

I did some things here and there but, it’s impossible to capture a human being’s whole depth and whole story into a single post. So, I won’t focus on that today but, I do hope that I was able to emphasize the reason I’m doing what I’m doing, and how I became who I am today, in this post.

I have no idea where the future will take me; I might hit new highs or, I might hit new lows but, regardless of that uncertainty, I will still pursue freedom and truth, I will always continue to push my boundaries, and hopefully you will do the same.

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