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About LoA

Ladies of Asia is a project with 8 girls around Asia Pacific sharing various weekly topics. The idea was put together by @livinguktaiwan and she invited a group of ladies around the world to join this project. The girls in our group consist of:

@livinguktaiwan, Taiwan
@mrspointm, China
@wanderlass, Philippines
@jrvacation, Singapore
@elizacheng, Malaysia
@kawaiipower, Japan
@nanosesame, Hong Kong
@travelgirl, Australia

How everyday work varies from culture to culture

As we all have busy lives either with work or family, the project actually incorporates some of our everyday lives in there so it doesn’t feel like we are doing extra work for this project. Each week, we are given topics to look out for during the week and by the end of the week, we will share our ideas within our group and upload any relevant photos to support our finds.

It’s interesting to see what others share for each topic because you always tend to learn something from it. This project is very interesting as we want to give our readers an insight on how many variants we can have for a topic and we hope they find our topics interesting.


Using Steem to explore cost of living

We are looking to integrate more gender neutral topics into our projects where we already have a few feedbacks which it is highly anticipated by our broader readers. LOA’s latest project was participating in the 5 Steem Challenge where all our group members made a short video on how many coca-colas they could buy with 5 Steems in their city. We are trying out new things and if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop us a line.


Learn more about your Blockchain Neighbors

I think on Steemit we need more projects like these to bring communities together, let people understand more cultures or simply give our readers and enjoyable article to read. Hope you all can support Ladies of Asia [@ladiesofasia] and if you want a particular topic to be discussed, leave us a comment!


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