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When initially considering this month’s “Exploring Blockchain Apps” exercise, I had meant to dream up my own idea. I knew I had no knowledge to make it so or enough understanding to create an App, but thought it might be fun. Then I discovered, thanks to @sndbox, The Finally Network App, currently in beta.

Thanks to @sambillingham for his wonderful idea and beta of #finallynetwork I basically saw something I would have liked to have dreamt up, but here he had done it already. In his description of it he explains: The overarching aim is to allow speedy website creation for Steem users… The best way to imagine what Finally is aiming to do is think of a Squarespace type platform than can instantly setup a website for any Steem account. Combine the website with features that can help support creators/content similarly to how you can with Patreon, all powered by the Steem blockchain.

To me this is brilliant and certainly what I often feel is missing from Steemit. A chance to have a more designed space that feels more like a website and less restricted. There are themes which will seem intuitive to anyone who has used website creation such as squarespace and shopify. The idea of having themes in which to plug our work into is a dream for artists and creatives. There are currently Three themes and here were the results when I used them for my steemit page:

My favourite has to be Campfire

It gives a designed look I really appreciate and it seems to take the latest image and set it as your header. I’m sure this would be adjustable in the future final version.



Next we have the theme Lens

I tried this one first and was immediately in love with it, but then saw the one flaw for me that I’ll mention.



As I like to share other’s posts, it was odd to see their work mixed in with mine. I like the overall affect, yet it felt too muddied. I suppose if you were to only sharing your own work on your feed, this would be an ideal portfolio style layout. However, for me sharing a few other’s posts a day is kind of important to me. Maybe it isn’t bad they’d be mixed up this way?

What do you think?



A DApp Game Changer

This App could really be a great game changer in web design look for Steemit users. And I assume that it will have more control over things like adding columns and such. As that would be the biggest boon, at least for me as an artist and how I’d like to be able to represent my steemit page.

The third Theme is hckr

Personally, this version does not work for me as I am a visual artist. But I certainly see it’s merit for writers and others who might appreciate a stripped down version. What is so amazing about an App such as this is that with Themes we have the ability to cater the look to our own tastes and needs.



Ideas Looking Ahead

Overall I am rather excited to see this develop and I hope we can aid them in making it so. This could really benefit many creatives on Steemit giving us more design control over how we share our work and writings.If I had a say in it’s design it would be to allow the control of adding columns and such, as you can often do with themes on Squarespace and Shopify.

This would be a dream for me as I would LOVE to have two columns on my feed. I’d have a column highlighting my own work and feed and next to it a column for daily shares. This would be amazing as it would allow us to both share our work in a more concise portfolio format and also encourage our Steemit friends and neighbours .It would also be a boon to have the ability to insert header graphics for each column you create, so you could make an image for your feed as well as your shared feed.

Here is a rough Photoshop version of a sort of two column system (based on where#finallynetwork is heading) that I’d love to use:



I think this could really encourage other’s to want to share other’s posts more often. I know that many times the desire to not wish to convolute one’s own feed is the reason other Steemians choose not to share posts. This could easily alleviate that fear and encourage community even more.

It is easy to see I am more than excited about this App, so let’s share the love and help out @sambillingham any way we can so we can have and use #finallynetwork.

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