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As of now, Steempeak can be considered as the best front-end available to interact with the Steem blockchain, it has many more features and options than other well known front-ends like, and the standard front-end, as a result, it offers any blogger a more well rounded experience when interacting with their audiences and their communities. Below I am going to share my thoughts about these unique features and the positive impact they can have on the activities of every blogger using the Steem blockchain.


We all know that when writing a long article, it can be difficult to finish it in just one sitting, it usually requires several writing sessions, and occasionally, more than one day between the research process, the writing process, and the final polishing and proofreading process.

Which is why, it is always important to have options where our progress can be saved, so we can avoid the risk of losing hours of hard work, in my personal case, after experiencing myself the frustration of losing part of an article, now what I do is to first write down everything in a document, and then proceed to make the publication.

However, if we think about someone who doesn’t want to use regular documents, and it turns out this user has several ideas for several articles, then having the possibility of saving drafts will allow him to save his progress across all of his articles.


It could be the case, where a blogger is writing a series of similar articles, requiring the same structure on each and every single one of those articles, the possibility of creating customizable templates and having them always available, can save a lot of time and allow the writer to be much more efficient than otherwise.

It could also provide a lot of help when making the posts look very uniform and coherent between each other, in case this is something required by the writer. This feature could also have simple uses, like having the particular signature of the blogger already saved so he doesn’t have to be constantly adding it every time he is going to make a new post.


Scheduled Posts

From time to time, every person who has the hobby of constantly writing articles might find himself in a creative rush, and being capable of writing several excellent articles on a single day. Another option could be we know we won’t have too much time available on the week, so we use our weekend to try and write enough articles to cover for the entire coming weeks. In short words, there could be a lot of circumstances that can make us write several articles on a short period of time.

However, if I publish all those articles on the same day with little time between each other, it might be wrongly considered as a case of “spamming” in the Steem ecosystem. Therefore, the best strategy in cases like this is to properly distribute the publication of the articles on different days, hopefully covering the whole week with at least one daily post. But let’s imagine the person besides being unable to write anything in the coming week, is also unable to have access to the internet due to holiday time, the only way this person has to properly distribute his articles would be to find a way and automate the publishing procedure.

With SteemPeak, there is the option of scheduling a post to be published at a future date, providing a useful tool to organize the content created by any writer, even in times when he is completely offline and without access to any computer.

Performance stats

Any blogger who cares about the amount of engagement he receives on his posts, would be delighted to have access to the whole repertoire of different stats about all sort of interactions he gets on the articles he writes. This could help him identify which type of articles and which topics are better appreciated by the audience, and could even help him figure out things like which is the best hour of the day to post based on how much interaction he receives on articles posted at a certain time.

It is important to notice that SteemPeak does have more unique features, but the ones mentioned here are in my opinion, the most important for any blogger or writer that is constantly participating in the Steem blockchain. They provide a lot of unique tools on a single place that helps with basic stuff like organizing the content, increasing the efficiency with the post formatting, and analyzing the interactions received thanks to some awesome graphs.

For those interesting in experiencing themselves the best Steem front-end, you can do it here:

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