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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series – every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

Explore your Block! The #myblock Challenge

Each and every action across the Steem blockchain becomes recorded within a “block.” These blocks are clusters of data that record the posts, upvotes, transfers and comments of all Steemians. Over time, blocks become linked together to create a “chain” of un-editable data. The Steem blockchain has minted 25 million blocks so far! Today we’re asking everyone to dig into the data and to see who their digital neighbors are? Who’s your landlord (i.e. the witness who minted this block)? What kind of landlord is he or she? Do you have any celebrities in your neighborhood? Robots? Trolls? Let’s dive in and find out…

Here’s an example live-feed that you can check out via steemdb. It shows a the blockchain in action and all the different parts that go into each block:


How to take part?

  • Publish a post! Write a short blurb, speculating a bit about your block.
  • Once published, it’s time to dive into the blockchain… go to https://steemdb.com/@sndbox (Make sure the URL has username, not ours!)
  • Under Recent History, click the block # your post was published on and do some exploring.
  • Comment on your own post to showcase your findings with screenshots and other interesting notes about your blockchain neighborhood 🙂

Share a comment below with your #myblock post. We’ll upvote our favorites!

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The Weekly Question Series, stems from research topics within the Sndbox incubator. This series is made open to the public in an effort to engage all Steemians and explore new forms of collaboration.

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