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Hello everyone! Today, we’re very excited to announce some big changes to Sndbox. This post outlines a handful of updates as we gear up for 2019, a big year for the Steem community and an even bigger year for this emerging industry. With Sndbox, we’re not just a fun community of crypto-curious artists, we’re a diverse team of innovators dedicated to building better blockchain resources and tools to equip creatives for the 21st century.

This past year we launched – The Creative Crypto Magazine – a beacon for the most artful and interesting blockchain initiatives, dApp showcases, and cryptoart that the internet has to offer. By way of the Magazine, we have interviewed, teamed up, and worked with the leading artists and companies in the cryptocurrency world and fostered Media Partnerships across New York City to push the conversation of crypto forward.

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Despite the pace of the markets, our community has been growing by leaps and bounds. There is more demand than there has ever been to learn about cryptocurrency communities like Steem and we want @sndbox to become a premiere and more empowering entry point for the crypto-curious out there seeking a network to learn alongside.

Collaboration + Engagement

A big goal of ours is to act more openly and collaboratively with other dApps, guilds and communities as the ecosystem matures. Ultimately, our hope is that Sndbox can tap into Steem as a social glue between communities across the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Towards this goal [beginning December 1st] Sndbox will be retiring our cohort model in favor of pushing more resources towards curating weekly challenges, monthly themes and creative gigs. The Stewards of Sndbox will take on the responsibility of brainstorming and manually curating weekly challenges – similar to recent test cases – feedbackchainmyblockantipostsmartmediafuturesblocksketchdpollsteemorigins and cryptodots.

What’s New in the Sndbox?

These weekly brain-teasers are a great way to engage a community, orient new comers, and help Steemians discover one another by way of participation. Our team has been busy working on a new structure for Sndbox that will drive more attention, accessibility and awareness towards these activities. Here are some of our biggest updates coming next month –

  • NEW CHATROOM – beginning Dec. 1 – we’re moving to Discord! Our team will be migrating from the depths of Slack into this sleek new emoji-happy forum. Here, our team will be better equipped to collaborate with others across Steem and the crypto world to brainstorm and develop engaging challenges. Anyone can join in our room, creatives welcome.
  • DISTRIBUTING CURATION – we’ve always curated manually. Now we’re expanding those responsibilities to a network of nominated Stewards, providing an avenue for them to host weekly challenges and support the awareness of causes and events important to them.
  • VIP CHANNEL – winners of weekly challenges will be invited into our VIP channels (private). Here, VIP members will have access to pursue calls for commissions and creative gigs. VIP members will also be eligible to publish content through the @sndboxaccount in an effort to boost visibility of their project idea, community, or event. Authors will be rewarded through a @sndbox upvote which they can use on themselves or a post of their choice.

2019 and Beyond!

Our team first joined the Steem blockchain in July of 2016. We’ve been exploring and building ever since. We believe that there is a tremendous amount of value and collaborative potential embedded in this crypto-ecosystem. Looking ahead to 2019, we’ll continue to push that envelope. Stay tuned for the new Discord chatroom opening December 1st! We can’t wait.

See you at Steemfest!

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