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My Collaboration with DJ Lethal Skillz

Have you every seen Nigeria’s top trending dance style? Well, it’s called Shaku Shaku and this post is all about exploring a mix of music, dance and performance. Different countries and cultures have their own signature dance styles. Some are more traditional while some dances are a mix of movements and the latest cultural trends. Nigerian musicians and dancers are have been able to produce different kind of Dance movement during the past few years. Movement like; Galala, Suo, Makosa, Azonto, Yahoozee, Alingo, Etighi, Skelewu, Skoki and a few more.

For this post, I won’t be talking about traditional Nigerian dance. Instead, I will focus on a huge trend in today’s entertainment world.


About Skaku Shaku

The latest dance trend we have today is Shaku Shaku. Virtually almost everyone can dance it to any sound. Its mostly seen in musical videos.

The Shaku Shaku dance movement started from the streets of Agege. The first music video to feature Shaku Shaku on MTvbase was Shepetere and Legbegbe and others from Agege boys like Idowest, Mr. Real, DJ Real, Slimcase, Zlatan Ibile, Cashwale, Reminisce and Obadice.

How It Works…

  1. Shoot your two hands forward and across your wrists ( you can decide to pull the hands one after the other or pull the same together)
  2. Nod your head along with the beat while pulling your hands front and back (in and out)
  3. Leg movement is almost as if you’re riding with skate shoes but you have to be in the same spot. Remember your legs should synchronize with your nod and hands.

Then Shaku Shake because popular and accepted after a music celebrity called OLAMIDE released his hit single video titled WO. This video has 22 million views and counting…


Blending DJ’s Beats

I am so grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with @djlethalskillz. To start, he sent me some instrumentals which you can listen to – here. After listening in on it, I made a little voice recording so it can blend with the sensational movement with came out awesome.

@djlethalskillz is a DJ, turntablist, and music producer. He is a part of numerous groups such as the Empty Handed Warriors, the Arab League, the Ramallah UnderGround, and the Arab Summit. He was the first to push turntablism as an art form in the Middle East and has continued to be one of Arab hip-hop’s most notable cultural ambassadors.

I hope you enjoyed reading, watching and learning! Hope to see you some other time. Stay strong!

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