Welcome to Resources! This page offers an archive of guides, terms and tutorials designed to get you familiar with the Steem blockchain. Browse the terms below:

Welcome! You finally made it. You’re here and ready to dive into the first social media website powered by blockchain technology. Steemit.com is just that, an application fueled by a cryptocurrency called Steem. So enough talk, let’s get right to the action. Here is a guide to get you started:

Markdown is the code language used in creating and editing Steemit blog posts. It allows you to customize text, emphasize elements and overall help you create amazing content without the headache of using HTML directly. Click here to learn more about Markdown.

For a new user, understanding the Steemit wallet can be a challenge! In this tutorial, we will break down the basics of the wallet, describing what each category means, and help you get comfortable navigating the local lingo. Click here to learn more about your Wallet:

An upvote on Steemit.com is very different than a vote or action on any other social-media website. Clicking that little up-arrow is much more than a “Like” on Facebook or a “Heart” on Instagram. On Steemit, your vote taps into digital currency! Click here to learn more about Upvotes:

On Apps like Steemit, you can earn rewards through blogging / commenting and by voting too! When you upvote another person’s post, you receive a fraction of the total value of that post in the form of Steem. These bits of Steem are called “curation rewards”. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about best practices for earning these rewards and strategies for maximizing your impact. Click here to learn more about Curation:

When you first join Steemit, you’ll notice that there is a number hovering next to your account name both on your blog page as well as next to every one of your comments and post previews. This is your Steem Reputation Score. In this tutorial, we’ll explain an overview of what the score is, what it means both technically and socially, and why it is an important feature of the blockchain ecosystem. Click here to learn more about your Reputation:

“Powering up” is the action of moving Steem to Steem Power (or SP) within your wallet. Accumulating Steem Power comes with a range of big benefits. In this tutorial, we’ll go through each aspect of powering up and what you can expect in the short and long-term. Click here to learn more about Powering Up:

Let’s learn about converting Steem Dollars (SBD) to Steem Power (SP). In this tutorial we’ll walk you the basics of how to convert your idle SBD into SP. This is a beginner’s guide that will go through the very basics of Steemit’s internal exchange or “Market”. Click here to learn more about trading: