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A bit about myself, I am a multi-enthusiast that have a passion in a big range of arts from sketching, architecture, drawings, paintings to poetries, music, photography, filming and stage performances. I am currently a PhD student, writing and researching on the psychological and anthropological view on sketching, in which focus on the growth of knowledge in the public realm through sketching.

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My aspiration of knowledge development through sketching in community derived from the simplicity of sketching as an information transfer apparatus in any various knowledge field. Regardless of whatever content, a sketch is the most basic form of information that is robust and easy to be expressed, thus it’s the best way for an idea to be transcribed into papers. I believe, an idea will only be dreams unless its expressed into papers; words or pictures alike, then only it have the potential to become real.

However, I find that the blockchain, through steemit encourage people to start blogging and express themselves in so many ways. Through my personal experience, to be a consistent blog writer is very tiring and easily be demotivated. Theres always only just a handful of people who actually spend time to read what you read and responded to what you wrote. It is different having Steemit as the platform for this because the system itself designed for the users to verify and communicate with each other as well as offering incentive through awarding coins for hardwork and consistency.

Since I get to know more and more about blockchain, the clearer it gets to me of its’ potential contribution in the world of my research fields; architecture humanities that related with anthropology, psychology and linguistics of arts. Stories and experiences shared in this platform from a very wide range of context helps me to understand better how people thinks, how they experience a place or a space an ultimately relating these experiences into my research.

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Me presenting on the movement at the Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London in 2015.

Exploring Steem with Sketchnation

I would really love to boost my Sketchnation movement and campaign through this community. Encouraging Steemians to share their experiences through explorations of visuals and sketches; to record your surroundings, senses, ideas, thoughts by flowing it into pen and papers to that it is more accessible by others. Sketching and visuals is a powerful tools to spark ideas, transferring knowledge and recording data as it is the most basic form of arts.

For example, isn’t it better if a doctor sketch a diagram to a patient while describing the symptom/health problem and have the patient to keep the sketch for their reference? Or why TED Talks hire illustrators to illustrate the points addressed by their speakers? or why Leonardo da Vinci sketch before he actually paint the Monalisa?

You can read more on my plans for the movement from my previous post of why I wanted to become part of Sndbox here;

And this is why I love to spread the sketching vibes with others;

Being here opens up a very big opportunity to amplify the effort of my initiated movement with KLSketchnation as Sndbox connects me into a whole bigger network of amazing people, influential people on blockchain where I can actually make the initiative noticeable for the greater good.

Photos from our sketchers gatherings since 2011.

Being a “minnow” on Steemit with only a big idea without support can always be frustrating. I’ve been trying hard to convey the message alone with all the limitations and got nothing much to offer with just a minnow power. Then, slowly my efforts finally getting fruitful when slowly my network here expands. I am very thankful with the supports of Steem-cartoon, Teammalaysia, Steem-music, Curie and other communities I’m part of that made possible of the journey. Then when I pursuit to be part of @sndbox summer camp last summer, I’ve met more amazing people that share the same passion and goals until @projectgiving was founded with them to help like-minded people reach for support to help others in need.

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Our trip to Kuala Tahan, Pahang, Malaysia to provide art education to the aborigin from the Bateq Tribe whilst also brought doctor and dentist for medical screenings for the neglected community.

I would definitely fully utilized the networks and opportunity of being part of the cohort and empower the potential of being with the rest of influential fellow cohorts and alumni to strengthen the movement I’m currently running. Collaborations are the nature of the Sketchnation movement so I will work towards getting into more collaborations in the next few months.

I will also work towards connecting the existing worldwide Urban Sketching networks that comprises of artists, architects, researchers, NGOs as well as the other sketching enthusiast that I am connected to, and take them into the blockchain to nurture the growth of this community.

KL Sketchnation co-hosted the World Sketching Symposium with Manchester Urbansketchers in Manchester in the year 2016 that involved 400+ people from 44 countries all over the world.

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