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Online shopping mall ‘Steemshop’

Hello, Today I introduce an ongoing project Steemshop. ‘Steemshop’ is an online shopping mall where you can use STEEM/SBD through SteemConnect. We currently support shopping features in ‘Shopping categories’ within Steemtool site. @segyepark and I have been creating a new site for shopping with STEEM/SBD. I hope this shop will someday support shipping to the global market. The updated Steemshop with new design will be released in 2 months.

Steemshop Renewal Project

Project lead & development: @segyepark
Design: @kyunga



The ‘Steamtool’ is a site that enriches your Steemit life, created by @segyepark. ‘Shopping category’ supports shopping features as below. Delivery is only available in Korea for now. However, digital products can be purchased from all over the world.

Web site :
Main Features
  • Sell & Buy with STEEM/SBD : Delivery Product, Digital Product(Custom order & Direct download)


Currently 85 products are on sale.


You can purchase ‘Steem to the moon light’ made by a sandbox member @designkoi with 12~19 SBD.


My e-book costs 1 SBD and has sold 48 copies so far.



We plan to revamp the design & the following features. The whole new Steemshop will be released in 2 months.

New domain:

(released in 2 months)

Additional features

  • Gift voucher
  • Discount scheme
  • Buyer/seller mutual review in transaction completion
  • Option to set price STEEM (only SBD supported for now)
  • Option to set fiat currencies (to be automatically converted to STEEM/SBD)
  • Point system
  • Shopping cart
  • Buying an item as a gift to other Steemian
  • Supporting more shipping countries
  • Q&A section
  • etc.

Main Page

Main Page

  • 1: Main event banner
  • 2, 3: Display area (e.g.: Advertising products or trending products)
Detail Page

Shopping cart



We hope can make ‘real ecosystem’ through ‘Steemshop’. While I am a member of the @sndbox, I would like to inform the global community of this project. Thank you for your attention!

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