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On the Hook: The Blockchain App to Help Creatives Achieve Their Dreams

What are your Dreams?

Do you want to be an actor, musician, painter, filmmaker, designer, freelancer, etc? This is the ideal application to help keep you going, stay sane, and have peace of mind that you are on the right path.

Creatives often suffer from several important questions.
I know where I want to go, but don’t know how to get there?
It’s hard to stay motivated as a freelancer with all the distractions how do I stop losing focus?
I know I’m good at something, but how do I actually start doing it for pay?
It’s hard for me to maintain a schedule, is there a way I can be accountable for my own work?

In fact, there are four common problems with creative work.

  • It’s Easy to Concept but Difficult to Implement.
  • Projects vs. Routines can put us off of a rhythm and routine for efficiency.
  • Internal Motivation vs. External Rewards (getting paid and paths to it)
  • Balance of Deep Focus, and Rest. We can’t be perpetually creative without some rest.



What is it?

On the Hook is an accountability networking assistant application that connects you with like-minded creatives to create an inner-feeding circle of motivation. The app is made to help young creatives break through common barriers of self-motivation and self-doubt. This is done by having a “crew” similar to on a ship. There is a captain and a group of mates. The Captain is someone who is assigned to steer the entire team to help stay focused on helping each other. Each Mate is a crew member and also a creative who is pursuing a passion and accountable for other members in the team.


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The world is such a busy place and there is an insane amount of buzz in every second of our lives. From advertising, traffic, music, conversations, news, notifications, etc. This is meant to help you focus, and gives you a group of people who believe in you and your ability to achieve what you want.

We do this through setting reasonable and achievable goals, and working together to all hit them.



Groups and Format

The format of the app would be notification and chat based. Members of the team called Mates (or the Captain who leads it) will frequently send notifications specifically to individual team members to check in on progress and help develop plans to lead to different set goals. The groups will be organized and created based on different types of art mediums to help each-other and understand the potential struggles that go along with the different creative industries.

The idea is that the world is this massive ocean, and we can build ourselves as minnows, but we will never grow unless we have a group helping us. This is a mix between a business group, a group of life-coaches, therapists, etc. There are many hurdles that a creative can go through, and this group is meant to help push through them.

The Captain of each group would ideally have great knowledge of the industry that each member is interested and passionate about to help devise stronger goals and steps to achieving them.

Note that each member or “Mate” would be responsible for the actions to get through each step, but the group will be there to push until you get it.


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Live Chat and Notifications

The live chat and notifications are two separate things. You will get a buzz from someone on your phone or computer saying for example “Marco is checking in to see how your emailing has been going to the Film Producers. Let him know how it’s been going and if there’s anything you need guidance on.”

You can then go to the chat and talk with the group to get advice from many. Remember, this is built on the blockchain, so people that help you aren’t going unrewarded as well. It’s helping those helping you, and helping others which in turn also helps yourself.

Talk about elevated networking as well.


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How is Blockchain Connected?

Through a blockchain based technology, this will all take place. This means, whenever anyone checks in on you (and there will be limits to how often and how minimal they can do this) they will get tokens in exchange. You can also rate their interactions and it will give them more tokens. They won’t be notified of your rating on that particular interaction but it will all go towards an individual’s score. The score goes up like a multiplier to allow you to earn more coins. When you let everyone know you achieved your goal, they can also like your comment and it will all go into your wallet to help keep you motivated just that much more.

Imagine that someone’s congratulation note actually equates to some cash.

The Captains earn more for keeping everyone organized and having industry knowledge, and the Mates earn the same amount relative to their multipliers. The more people grow and achieve their dreams, the more everyone grows and the more everyone get’s monetarily rewarded.


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There’s something incredibly powerful about getting other people’s opinions. When other people believe in you, you will believe in yourself more. When it’s just yourself, sometimes it’s hard to keep that fire burning. This is a group of many flames, and we will keep everyone’s flames going.

Steemians, I hope you all like the idea for this app. I know nothing about app development, but if we can dream it we can ___________! (do it)


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