Pressed into Action

Last week we kicked off the 2nd Cohort of the Sndbox incubator. With Cohort 2 we have a lot of exciting updates to the program including public resources and weekly challenges that are open for everyone to participate in.

Today we’re announcing one of the biggest strides to better organize Steem educational content, broadcast Cohort member work and and showcase developments across the incubator – a dedicated website powered by @steempress! We’re excited to be building out a public blog so that everyone, even those not yet in the Steem ecosystem as well as Steemians interested in participating in Sndbox activities, can learn about the projects created in the incubator and the resources / decentralized tools used to make them happen.

Here’s a sneak peek of

Today, we’ll be doing a virtual tour of the sections of the site and the various components we’ll be developing as this season’s program moves forward.



Landing Page

The landing page is a blog feed that will showcase an archive of article contributions by our global team members. As part of the 4-month syllabus – members are asked to provide one post per month to update the public and share their progress within the incubator. This section will put members’ work on center stage and provide a more navigable interface to follow great projects and authors.

Alongside Cohort content, Sndbox will be publishing community material, program updates and project campaigns, alumni work, event synopses, and the educational tutorials we create for everyone to access.


Steem Resources

We are in the process of populating this section with updated tutorials that we first created last year, most of which you can see in our latest Master Post that links to newcomer guides to the Steemit interface and Steem blockchain. For now, and to make the resources more navigable to newcomers who don’t have an account, we’ve created an interactive Welcome to Steem Guideto introduce and answer some of the main inquiries when first interacting with Steem and Steemit. Much has changed since our first tutorials almost a year ago, and we’ll begin to revamp them over the course of the next several weeks for our new members and the Steem public.

Here’s a first look at our Steem resources page.


A central goal by the end of the 4-month incubator program is for members to develop projects that really capture the impact of Steem. Many of the major initiatives from the first cohort were showcased in our first “The Crypto Renaissance” exhibition, including the @phillyhistorycurriculum at Temple University and the @kr-marketing collaboration with @keepit. Our program now is more structured to help members develop and execute these types of creative and social initiatives. This will include learning about and using Steem applications including @steempress@fundition@dtube, and many more.

As such, the Sndbox blog will serve as the portfolio of projects for all of our members and alumni, as well as a main showcase of what’s possible across the Steem ecosystem.


Program, Stewards, About Us

These sections go more in depth with the different faces and missions of Sndbox and its community. We’re striving to have as much of the program open as possible and we encourage anyone and everyone to follow the activities along the way.

Stewards also make up a tremendous component of the network, helping guide the cohort with their experience and input.


Major Milestones

Lastly, this page will be a strong front-end for all the events, our meetup group, public lectures, workshops and installation activities we’re looking to cultivate here in New York City and beyond. Our team was overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the Crypto Renaissanceexhibition this summer and look forward to pushing that envelope further as the Steem ecosystem matures and the blockchain world continues to grow.

We’ll be updating you all as new features of the blog are developed and more information is available to share for new, prospective, and veteran Steemians!

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