Hello Blockchain, I’m Scuzzy.

⌁ ⌁ ⌁
I’m just a feller from Canada that do it, stuff, and things. Nice to meet you.

I’ve been zealously enthralled by technological sciences and it’s functional utilization in our titillating existence. The inevitable budding potential of the blockchain’s contemporary applications incites hopeful and provocative anticipation within my corpulent disposition.

Similar to the early ancient inception of the world wide web and it’s eventual timely imbued imperious coexistence with our seemingly ordinary customary systems and patterns, I am convinced that the blockchain will also be a quintessential component integrated seamlessly into our lifestyles. This is what drives me to explore the blockchain world.

I also like animals, especially cats.

Here is a short film I shot and directed that outlines more about who I am. Enjoy.

My Goals Looking Forward

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My primary objective is to embolden and strengthen the Steemit community by encouraging community engagement, building genuine relationships, and celebrating self-growth. The goal is to collectively design and create various forms of art.

These collaborative projects include arts related to fashion design, graphic art, visual art, and more. Join the Scuzzy train and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The path may be rocky but the destination will be a haven.

This is what Scuzzy Looks Like in the Morning. Scuzzy, 2018.

My Background in the Blockchain Universe

⌁ ⌁ ⌁
My background is a graceful concoction of diversified disciplines and experiences. I am an undistinguished Renaissance man with invested commitments in business, science, engineering, and the arts. Crypto has empowered me to incorporate it into these disciplines, which results in revolutionary advancements. Every brainstorming process now involves the employment of the blockchain.

My Experiences So Far…

⌁ ⌁ ⌁
Although my digital attendance has been AWOL this former lunar cycle, I can assuredly vociferate my Steemit experiences from when I first registered in October 2017 to before my brief hiatus beyond this former lunar cycle. I’ve been fortunate to have connected with captivating and dynamic human entities. These invaluable relationships have activated my previously dormant creative passions. A wise nomad once said a series of words that almost resembled a sentence.

This is a genetically modified chicken bred to produce 20 drumsticks. Scuzzy 2018.

Here is a song that I produced that outlines more about who I am. This is my best work so far. Enjoy.


My Offering to the Steem Community

⌁ ⌁ ⌁
I am consenting to forfeit my knowledge, insight, and various proficiency to whomever thirst for it. Come to the fountain of Scuzzy and you shall receive. This includes creative collaboration (music, art, film, fashion, misc. arts, and etc.), project conceptualization, promotion/marketing details, decent gaming accomplice, edible nourishment suggestionator person, and more. Also, my earballs are available for anybody that require their thoughts and concerns to be verbalized in textual format.

What Are You Looking At? Scuzzy, 2018.

Flour-less Chocolate Chip Cake. Scuzzy, 2018.

Scuzzy Tip #7838: Don’t Drink Gasoline.

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