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Hello. I’m Bree!

I’m a writer, English educator and book lover. I’m also a Sndbox steward and contributor to Manamine. It’s been a year since I first stepped into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world. It’s amazing that even though I still don’t know much about Blockchain, these days, it has everything to do with what I do.

I’m an English educator and I’ve published 3 books about studying English in Korean. But I had to wander away from the publishing world. A ten-year hiatus made me lose all social connections and networks I used to know. The fact that I moved to another country didn’t help, either.

Then Steem came to rescue me. I started to blog about English learning, novels and book reviews in Steemit in June 2017. I kept blogging for about five months without any results, but then things began to change.


1. New social network

People in Steem appreciated my postings and encouraged me to go on. I got awarded by other KR Steemian as a rising-star writer. I placed third in a KR book-review contest and won SBD. I became the member of Sndbox. I could build a social network in Steemit that otherwise I couldn’t have. Artists in various fields, writers, IT developers, and designers. We all became friends and it made it easy for me to collaborate projects with them.


2. Challenges and Projects I did

How can we help Koreans learn more about Steemit? How can we make it easy for them to explore Steemit? How can we explain the system to non-IT people? After much consideration, @easysteemit project was launched to explain and educate Cryptocurrency and Steemit in plain English – or rather in plain Korean. I joined the project.

We made a free PDF files to explain Steemit to new KR users. Anyone can download it for free from here, if you’re interested. It’s written in Korean. We add more information and made it a book. The book will be published in late August this year.

mockup created by @carrotcake.

I also did proofreading for fellow Steemians who want to publish books. I proofread for @forhappywomen and @Kyunga. I’m very glad that I could help improve the quality of their books.

Book published by @forhappywomen


E-book published by @Kyunga

3. Current Challenges and Projects

Now I’m preparing to publish a book of my own. With fellow KR Steemian @solnamu, who runs an e-book publishing company, I’m planning to publish an e-book with the articles I wrote in Steemit. I hope it’ll be on the market before the end of the year. I need to hurry up. 🙂

I’m planning to publish another e-book. I’ve posted 4 short stories so far in Steemit. I’d like to write two more stories and publish them. Without Steemit, I wouldn’t even dream about it.

And I became a contributor to a new contents platform, Manamine. It’s a brand new platform and will be officially launched in November 2018. I’m very excited to be a part of this.

All these things were possible because of Steemit. I don’t know much about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, but it’s definitely shaping my future. I don’t worry about it, though. I don’t know how engine works mechanically in a car, but I still enjoy driving. Just like that, I don’t know much about technical knowledge about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, but I can still enjoy the fruit of it. 🙂

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