About Our Blockchain Community

We are an incubator powered by the Steem blockchain. Our community is a global and diverse network of artists, writers, designers, musicians and non-profit institutions. Our ambition for the following 4 months is to help members learn about and earn cryptocurrency to empower innovative projects and creative ideas. We use the Steem blockchain as an avenue for fundraising and as a forum to share research across the whole of the blockchain ecosystem.

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing each incubatee individually and share more about their work. Welcome to everyone joining us for Cohort 2! We’re so excited to have you aboard and look forward to learning more about you!

Welcome Cohort 2!

We are very fortunate to have such a diverse blend of creatives from all over the globe. This group is a true melting pot that includes representatives from over a dozen countries; artists, musicians, scientists, designers, globe-trotters, architects, writers, instagram influencers, and a few prestigious non-profit institutions.


Increasing Community Exposure

Each month Sndboxers will be tasked with an article per month (published via @sndbox). These articles will be a strategy for incubatees to broadcast their ideas, projects, call for participation and to build new audiences. We believe that this new approach will better engage both incubatees and the projects they are a part of.

We have a special announcement and new feature coming out this week so keep your eyes peeled!

Making Our Program Public

Beginning this week we’ll be publishing weekly assignments, challenges and contests for all Steemians to participate in (not just those within the incubator program). We’ve heard your feedback and want to make what we do – day-to-day – more accessible to everyone. This will include a range of challenges, Steem tutorial resources and engagement through public events here in New York City.

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Thank You Everyone!

To everyone who submitted applications for this Cohort – our team appreciates the tremendous time and effort behind your proposals. We had over 300 applications during this round and the process was far more competitive than we anticipated. Beyond the 4-month program, there are many ways to receive Sndbox support (which we will be outlining throughout this week.) Looking ahead, we hope that you will consider applying for the next Cohort when applications open up later this Fall.

Steem on! And stay tuned for more!

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