I’ve already done an introduction post here, but I feel it’s time to re-introduce myself, as the end of my internship period at Sndbox is near. I feel like I’ve reached a huge milestone regarding my understanding of blockchains, cryptocurrency beyond the Bitcoin, Steem as a platform, and what I can use to be applied to my ongoing thesis research.

Who are you and what drives you to explore the blockchain world?

My name is Henry Yoon, username @twotoedsloth, and as mentioned above, I still consider myself extremely new to the blockchain world. I have interned for Sndbox for only 2 months, and I feel that even though I’ve made a lot of progress, out of 100 I feel that I’ve only learned about 10% of the blockchain. This proves to be a very hefty challenge for me because I have only recently changed my thesis proposal. Just before the internship began, it had nothing to do with cryptocurrency or blockchain, and now that the internship is almost over, I’m even thinking about creating my own cryptocurrency, UnityCoin in order to facilitate the reunification process through a decentralized system.


The primary reason for what keeps me going on understanding the blockchain is that there are just endless possibilities for what a blockchain can do for society, and it frustrates me that it hasn’t made a significant mark on social media and/or society yet. I’m hoping to contribute to the effort of spreading the awareness of the blockchain and all of the benefits that it can have.

What are the goals you would like to pursue over the next few months?

I have been rigorously working on my thesis for these past few months, and it’s to give me a head-start for my final year at Carnegie Mellon University, where I’m formally working on my thesis proposal on Korean reunification. As I’ve already been doing, I will give updates to interesting precedents that I have found in order to deepen my understanding of the problem that I am addressing regarding the DMZ or border conditions, or major milestones in my research which lead to site models, drawings, and diagrams, etc.


I’m looking to do a lot more reading, because when I had my most recent presentation, one of my main critiques was that even though there were great symbolic statements, there was not enough data, such as researching the true costs of denuclearization, how many defectors have gone through the reunification process, and how their curriculum can have spatial implications.

What is your background and how have you found it impacted by crypto?

I am currently an architecture student, and I feel that there is a whole development that is just waiting to happen when the technology of blockchain and architecture cross paths. There are two main categories to think about when intersecting the idea of a decentralized system / blockchain with architecture:

  1. Spatial concepts and narrative composition stemming from a decentralized background – With both a decentralized and a distributed system, one can speculate how this structural organization can be applied to a development project that holds significance in urban planning.
  2. This blockchain technology using UnityCoin as a cryptocurrency can restructure how architecture can propagate finance, and how fundraising and investments can be allocated onto a common liaison or platform.


What has been your experience so far on Steem and on other platforms?

Overall, I would say my experience with Steem has been a positive one. I learned from the Sndbox team that there are benefits to when Steem prices are both high and low, in that I make money when the price is high, and that I make a lot of Steem when the price is low, but most importantly, the overall function of the platform to promote great content, and more specifically with Sndbox, where the benefits of when a design process can be tokenized.

I also appreciate the fact that Steemit essentially forces you to network and make connections in order to do well. Just making great quality content is not enough. You can’t just sit there and expect everyone to notice your quality posts and give you upvotes. You need to have to talk to people in order to get them to check out your page and thus your blog posts. I am learning to counter my social anxiety by looking up new posts and commenting on interesting content.

What would you like to offer the Steem community?

I noticed that there was a lack of architects on the platform, and that’s what I felt was the most unfortunate about the platform, as I wish it attracted more designers, artist, and architects than it already does currently, as Steemit is what I believe to be the perfect place for gaining attention, in addition to building a long term investment both financially and also as professional network.

This post was authored by @twotoedsloth, a member of the sndbox incubator. Learn more, follow @twotoedsloth or begin a conversation in the comment section below.