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Hip Hop The Blockchain x TYGS

This collaboration has been in the works for the past couple of months and we are gearing things up a notch into this anticipated Bull Run and Q4. @hhtb has been steadily maintaining our regular dose of curation with World Of Hip Hop & Off The Record with a sprinkle of 5ifth Element, but it is through our collaboration with @tygs that we will be engaging in some real-world activities as well as helping to launch Think You Got Skillz on the Steemit network!

@tygs is a Hip Hop Battle Platform that has a long history as an event series and is now reformatting to use a variety of Social Media and Blockchain platforms such as Steemit.

Moving forward with this collaboration we aim to also work together with @dtube & @fundition and we are engaging the help of @djlethalskillz to preside over our first collaborative project with TYGS – The Beat Meet.


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Hip Hop The Blockchain presents TYGS – The Beat Meet

Phase One: Think you Got Skillz?

We welcome back The Beat Meet as our first installment of TYGS in 2018 and present 20 of Malaysia’s hottest Beat Makers as they battle it out to have their submissions selected for the upcoming Emcee Battle.

The first phase of TYGS will kick off with a partnership with @hhtb. Auditions will be held on Instagram followed Blockchain platforms such as @musicoin & @dtube and with the support of @sndbox & @fundition on Steemit.

Auditions will be announced very soon and will be followed by the Selection of the Top 20, who will compete to be awarded at our live event.

The Beat Meet Live

Our LIVE event will have a “Listening Party” look and feel that will feature a Mix of all the Beats submitted by the selected Producers. Guest DJ’s will be playing instrumental tracks and we’ll be opening up the mic to Emcees as an additional highlight.

Stay tuned for more


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Why Malaysia?

With roots in the Malaysian Hip Hop scene, @tygs is using this pilot project as “Proof of Beats” before moving to create the next Beat Meet initiative planned for the Steemit community. The pilot is also exploring ways to engage the Hip Hop scene and facilitating the adoption of Blockchain platforms by the community in Malaysia and with the help of @hhtb.

This is a model that can be emulated anywhere around the world by individuals in communities wanting to take action and engage by hosting their own Battles.

That is the future of TYGS.


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What’s Next?

  • Official TYGS Announcement
  • Auditions Begin
  • Live Event Announcement
  • Partnerships & More

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