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Steem XP – Empowering Southeast Asia

I started on the Steem blockchain in January of 2018. Since that time, there has been an endless amount of collaboration with personalities and initiatives in and around this ecosystem. Examples include everything from crypto-charity events to our Borneo Blockchain Summit (video below) and all in the name of educating our community in Southeast Asia / helping newcomers learn about the potential of blockchain technology.

However, one of the most interesting collaborative initiatives was when @bitrocker2020 and I began shaping up SteemXP. This post will showcase a handful of updates on XP and our community goals looking forward.


Our Mission

We see the potential of blockchain technology empowering the Southeast Asian community. With Steem, we recognize that many newcomers out there don’t have the talent or writing skills to produce a quality post. However, we believe that everyone with guidance and training on content creation can use Steem to improve their skillsets and tap into a valuable new network.

Still, there are some big challenges for newcomers;

  1. Being on Steemit alone, as a lone ranger
  2. Not being able to be in a supportive environment
  3. Not having the right info and continuous education
  4. Posts not being noticed with few upvotes

While most of the Steem curation trails out there are based on voting quality content, one of our goal is to establish a curation trail that supports good original content to keep newbies encouraged while they are on their path toward being part of a supportive community that continuously guides and learns from each other.

Our core question is – how are we going to start all this when most of our existing members in my locality are also new to Steemit and their Steem power is very limited?




Working Committee of SteemXP [after an event]


Using Byteball to Build Resources

A few months back, we heard of Byteball. We also learned that this Steem-based airdrop was sharing tokens with community members based on their reputation scores. I called for a Meetup and educated our existing Sabah Community on the vision of SteemXP and started a crowdfunding campaign. In an effort to kickstart our new community – we invited Steemians to donate their Byteball earnings to @steemxp and with this support we could begin to grow our vision.

These are the people we collaborated with, The SteemXP Community Founding Member includes;

@arwine @zayyadmikael @bboyady @viverridae @zamifara @matthewdoughty@audreyclaire @verasj @melindajamulis @nytrie @abellehera @beverlyjoe @alvinauh@NickyChu @deborahneils @kilathecla @emmanuelnukchee @gelfire @heartbeat1515@veenang @ychaa @inugarang @borneoairbrush @ivora @darryljonesjr @keydeet@angeljames @v1tko @arjimi @celo769 @edulan @veenalo @garryliew @shirlylee @Vasco@ambergrace @wilsonkoh @papanog @sealion2020 @emilydonna @cukin @tommyl33@zayyad83 @kennethtks @chanelcalestus

After this community crowdfunding process we managed to raise approximately 560 Steem Power for @steemxp. That was how we started. Our next step is to establish a curation trail titled; The Southeast Asia Curation Trail

Building Better Outreach

When we started our community, we made several mistakes as we been changing our communication platform from one to another. We started with WhatsApp Group, only to realize that there limit to what we can do, then we decided to move the community to Telegram, as we rise in number, there were so many other complications too. Finally we decided to move to Discord. In the process of migrating chatrooms, we lost a significant amount of members. Our focus now is growing our community, continuing to develop an educational program called Steem Bootcamp and a Steem Masterclass.

We have just finished organizing our successful Blockchain event called Borneo Blockchain Summit and will soon announce the opening up for application to be a SteemXP City Chapter Manager

@steemxp is only a couple of months old, but we began to see amazing progress. Last Friday, we are invited by the Assistant Minister of Education and Innovation Sabah, Malaysia, YB Jen Lasimbang, to present them about Steem blockchain and how it can empower the local community with a new revenue stream and access to a global educational network. It was a successful meeting and there is an upcoming collaboration that we will be working on.


Looking Forward

Thanks to the SteemXP Community Founding Members for taking a leap of faith. There is so much to do, yet all this is a collaborative work that requires one step a time!

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