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Sharing Stories + Empowering IRL Support

For this month’s crypto-collaboration exercise, I decided to do a series of posts introducing Steemians who look after wild cats. Feeding cats on the street often becomes a controversial issue, especially here in Korea, because not everyone tolerates having cats around their neighborhood. There are a number of Steemians who regularly post their activities, including having wild cats neutered at the right time, taking them to the vet’s when necessary, and of course providing them with food and housing in cold weather. It is these people that I will be introducing in my series of posts.

In earlier posts I’ve introduced @garywood-c, who takes his time to not only feed the many wild cats around his home, but also to play with them frequently. He is at times aided by the children of the neighborhood, and I think it’s educational for the kids to learn how to treat animals respectfully. You can really see the progress in health and general well-being from these cats he takes under his wing.

Here’s a video from garywood posted on DTube.




The majority of these posts are written in Korean, but you can see the photos and videos of the cats he looks after. Looking ahead, I will be sending him Steem Dollars from the post earnings I make around his efforts through – @jamieinthedark. I will be doing more or less the same thing with other Steemians, including @plstar, to name just one. @plstar takes care of (and draws) a cat family living in the mountains, where she runs a resort-house. Below are some of her photos and drawings:






Cats, Crypto and Community

I hope to give more visibility to these people doing good for their communities, and raise a few Steem dollars for them. Though my posts will be in Korean, you’re welcome to comment in English; I will answer you as best as I can. Thanks for reading!

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