For us, there is only the trying – The rest is not our business

–T.S Eliot

When I first joined steemit I came with one clear purpose–to work on putting my stuff out there.

I had no idea what Blockchain was at the time. The only cryptocurrency I’d ever heard about was Bitcoin–which piqued my interest when I saw it mentioned in a movie a while ago prompting me to read a few things about how it will make global transactions easier and that was all–and Ethereum, which I knew nothing at all about.

So when my awesome buddy, @golddeejay, told me about steemit, mentioning how it’d be a good place to publish my writings and earn cryptos at the same time, I literally jumped at the opportunity–without thinking twice.

It was going to be a way for me to finally learn to show people my stuffs, because even though writing had always come easy for me–though it isn’t anymore–what has always been hard, right from the beginning, is putting my writing out for people to see. At first it was the irrational fear of hey what if it gets stolen, and then hey, what if you have no idea what the feuck you’re writing about, and then hey what if it becomes obvious you have no idea what the feuck you’re writing about!

The horror!




I was just about quit a job at the the time–@golddeejay and I were high school teachers–and I was kinda lazy and lethargic; and admittedly just wanted to post things and get people to upvote. I was not going to bother to learn more than the basics of what “steem” and “sbd” was.

But of course not too long in my steemit journey I found out that to have any chance of survival in here, relationships is the most paramount. So I sought to engage with others, and it was then I started to come across some rather interesting terms, the top of which was “blockchain.”

It was such a beautiful word right from the start. And since that first time I typed it into Google to better my understanding of it, my fascination with it has known no diminishing.

I became obsessed with and in awe of Satoshi Nakamoto, @ned , @dan etcetera. It was pretty inspiring stuff, and I made it the sole purpose of my life to post and engage more and learn everything there is to know about the steem blockchain.

And even though right now I still can’t fully explain how linear and non linear rewards work, I promise I’ll get there one day.

Admittedly not too long in my steemit journey I got pretty disappointed with the system, I stopped posting, and shifted more towards commenting and curation, and during that period I lost most of my zeal, but one thing that kept me going was the awesome people I met via those acts of commenting and curating–among which are @whatamidoing, whom I consider a mentor in many ways, @aschatria who helped me improve my skills in the great art of steemit commenting, and @full-measure whom I consider a great friend!

Thanks to @sndbox I have regained my zeal to post more. I’m still far from consistent, but ever since I became a part of Snbox I have been doing better than my previous average of a post every other month.

Over the coming months I’d like to keep this up–regardless of the price of steem–while still continuing my curation and engagement efforts.

To an extent my goal still remains as I laid it down in my very first post on steemit–to try my best as much as possible! And thanks to sndbox and the awesome people I’ve met here, I feel more confident doing that!

Thank you for your time!

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