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Last week I introduced my new project Finally Network. As the 2nd Sndbox assignment is to explore Blockchain Apps I thought it would be a great chance to share some extra ideas about the project.

Finally aims to be a fast way to create a website. The website will automatically pull in content a user has created on the Steem blockchain.

Currently on the network of apps there are apps that show specific content for example, Steephsot (plus many others) show videos or photos. Steemit/Busy/Steempeak on the other hand show all content an account has created from any App. The idea for Finally is to be a hub for a Steem users content and put them back in control of how their content it is displayed. Being in control of their content a user can be free to make Steem their main source of content rather can copy/pasting to other platforms and using Steem as a secondary resource mechanism.


An exciting aspect of Finally is the ability to use Themes to style content. There will be photography, writing and video specific themes but all themes that work well to showcase multiple types of content. Themes can be styled to better filter, organise and highlight content rather than just a reverse chronological feed. New themes will be launched regularly. As an open source project contributions are free to make additions/fixes to the themes.


Campfire Theme – Minimal design with a focus on Photography


One of the issues I hear from users of the Steem network is their hesitation to share their content with an outside audience. This hesitation comes party from the lack of control of the user flow, the person visiting your content may make their way to an unfriendly article an associate it with you.

Users will have the option to apply a custom domain. With a custom domain users can feel their content is theirs not just part of a social networking site.

Extra Features

Finally plans to support many extra features that are not currently available on other steem platforms. Grouping content, enhanced embed support, notifications, shop features, newsletter signups, memberships and support features.

The most interesting feature I would like to include in the future is support features (think Patreon style commitments). The overarching aim is to help support creatives. There is plenty of opportunity to include these features once Finally is off the ground.

It’s an exiting time to be building new platforms ontop of the blockchain. If you have thoughts and ideas that might shape this platform please leave a comment.

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