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Recap of the Last 3 Months

Before I look forward I would like to being with looking back, with a quick recap over the last three and a bit months of the Sndbox Incubator. Before starting the Incubator in August my knowledge of Steem, blockchain and crypto was minimal, limited to dabbling in Bitcoin and a few posts on Steem. During the first month the aim was to increase this knowledge, exploring the subject through several posts with the aim to educate myself and the CritDay audience.

Month two built upon this research, going deeper into into the world of Steem. The focus was on the dapp Steepshot, the Instagram of Steem. Over the month some of the posts featured on the CritDay Instagram were also tested on Steepshot. On the whole interaction was good and so too were the incentives, leading me to suggest all architecture students should be using steem.

Last month saw CritDay teaming up with @sambillingham to add a new Portfolio theme to his platform Finally. This month showed the potential for collaboration on the Steem network, working with fellow Steemians to innovate and expand the variety of dapps available to users. Find out more about this collaboration here.


Image 1 - Portfolio.jpg

Finally – Portfolio Theme

Thinking Forward

So here we are in month 4 and it’s time to think about the future and set some goals. CritDay will continue to grow as it has year on year since 2015, offering the community of architecture students and Architects valuable content across various platforms. Over the last year CritDay has partnered with various contributors, where they have shared their journey in architecture. The latest post from long time contributor Davis Richardson celebrates Women in Architecture and shows how CritDay can offer a platform for this type of content. CritDay will continue to share the work and stories of architecture students across the world.


Image 2 - Women in Architecture.jpg


Davis Richardson’s Women in Architecture Post




I would like to use Steem to provide incentives to contributors, perhaps in a similar way to @sndbox’s @sndbox-gigs. Those who contribute to CritDay could receive Steem whilst taking advantage of the CritDay platform and audience to extend the reach of their content. One way this will be achieved is through increasing my Steem Power and voting power, allowing CritDay to send out larger rewards for quality content.

Another ongoing aim is to continue the collaboration with @sambillingham. The creation of the portfolio site on the Finally Network offers real potential to bring architecture students and others within creative disciplines. The first version of the portfolio tool has received interest from a crypto and non-crypto audience. We will continue to develop the features of the tool over the coming months.

During the Incubator I have significantly increased the amount of time I spend on CritDay. Juggling a full-time job, personal life and a growing social media account is not easy work, but over the last few months a mixture of early mornings and late nights have allowed me to be more productive and push things harder than ever before. I have been able to demonstrate accountability through the Sndbox monthly assignments and weekly posts. Accountability is something I think is important to sustain. Whilst spending time on Steem I have noticed a number of people completing monthly reports, as a way of showing what has happened during that month, and what will happen the next. This process is something I am going to adopt from now on.


  • Learn more about Steem and Crypto through the Sndbox Incubator
  • Establish CritDay Steemit page
  • Continue collaboration to create a blockchain based portfolio platform
  • Teach others about the benefit of Steem and how it can incentivise content creation
  • Build larger community on Steem and increase SP to allow me to to reward quality content
  • Demonstrate accountability with monthly reporting

Finally I would like to thank Sndbox and my fellow cohort for the last four months and what I hope is the start of an ongoing collaboration!

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