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Exploring DTube

As homesteaders & travelers, we have loved using the DTube App on Steem blockchain. It’s so important to us to have a decentralized space to share our knowledge and the joy and beauty of our lifestyle. In this day and age of centralized social media, we are 100% in for the long haul on their up and coming decentralized counterparts.

Not only do we get compensated with Steem (just like on the other Steem Decentralized Apps), but we can never be censored. That’s really important to us! Whether we are just sharing How To skills to equip and educate others, or whether we share controversial social justice information, we need a place where our data won’t be centralized by a hierarchical structure that makes the rules.

Especially in a time where more and more humans need to be getting these sustainable living skills, we cannot afford to EVER have our voices shut down. Therefore we’re really excited about DTube.


A Spark for Creativity

We’ve been using it since the beginning of 2018 and have enjoyed getting better at honing our on-camera selves, editing skills, creativity of material and more. DTube has incentivized and sparked our creativity and it is inspiring for us to be present each week asking what we’d like to make a video or Vlog about.

I think Video format lends itself very well to homestead life. Many skills are more easily transferred through video as opposed to text and in our modern age, people like to watch videos to be entertained and learn things.

While DTube is still working out kinks on the user and consumer ends, they have already made a lot of strides in 1 year. We have a lot of hope for this specific app on the blockchain and will continue using it!




It helps us connect with our audience in a different way. Early on after we made a few videos, certain followers really encouraged us to keep making them. It’s fun to be our harvesting or working in the garden with the selfie stick and iPhone and just stop and make a video.

In this way, DTube is very much a part of our present daily lives. While we have time spent editing and writing the article body aspect of the post, making a video is a very real and visceral thing that adds another dimension to how we present ourselves as homesteaders.

We also enjoy connecting with the other members of the DTube community. More and more Steemians are uploading videos and trying out different apps, an action we fully encourage! Diversify what you share and your audience will thank you!



Share and Explore!

Don’t worry if you have “stage fright” in front of the camera- that’s something that is very natural and easy to get over the more you do it! So our advice would just be to start! If you’ve wanted to make a video for DTube, but have felt held back, we encourage you to try! Step out and challenge yourself.

Being on the blockchain is all about creatively sharing our lives, no matter what we may be into. Remember the sky is the limit! The apps that are coming out each month and continually being updated are here to incentivize that and provide a welcoming space for you to share and grow as a creator.

We really have a wonderful opportunity here!

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