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Future forward

Unbelievable! It’s November already! The months have flown by – welcome to the final exercise of Sndbox! For this exercise, we’re looking ahead to the year 2020. Where do you see yourself in the cryptocurrency world? Set goals for yourself, dApp or community initiative.

The months have flown by, and like every perfectionist I say to myself – “I would have done more “ – but I’m not complaining, I made the most of the time and learned a lot during Cohort 2.

How do I see my projects on STEEM in 2020?

This can be a complicated exercise, but very well thought out by @sndbox, projecting ourselves and our plans between now and 2020 can greatly improve our results. STEEM is usually quite entertaining and sometimes we forget what advance it can bring to our projects regardless of their nature.

CELF Community + Curation

@celfmagazine is a bilingual (Español + English) curation project powered by Steem. CELF aims to build a decentralized community model of growth with a focus on culture, literature, art and engagement.

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  • By then I see @celfmagazine as a reputed Spanish Art and Culture digital magazine, with its own website, as DAPP on STEEM or running on STEEMPRESS, connecting hundreds of Spanish speaking authors, and thousands of readers with STEEM and contributing dozens of quality articles every week.
  • We will have a “normalized” support from the community, the DAPPS we use, and Steem stakeholders; ensuring a measurable income in upvotes through our blog will be necessary to grow our SP and pay our collaborators, thus establishing a business model.
  • More clarity regarding what possibilities there would be to make an SMT based on @celfmagazine



@joedukeg en 2020

I’ve been very absent, not publishing anything for a few months, but I’ve been working on what kind of content to produce and in the style I want to give my personal blog. Below I will mention the type of content I would like to have generated from my blog between now and next year.

  • Articles and Vlogs: Of opinion and reviews about books, music, cryptocurrency – blockchain and actuality.
  • Transcriptions and musical compositions in video or audio, and with complementary text whenever necessary

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