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The second cohort (group) of @sndbox recently began in August. That first of all means that this account will be a space for a whole new batch of content and project creators, but it also means new optional responsibilities for @sndbox’s Alumni. Of those Alumni, a few users have been chosen to become @sndbox’s Stewards, thus becoming part of @sndbox’s core team. I’ve been one of those lucky ones.

Our job is to provide guidance for future Cohorts, contribute a post to the @sndbox account (like this one) and brainstorm about future growth of decentralized sphere and @sndboxitself. All the Stewards will also (hopefully) concentrate on specific projects and topics. The purpose of this article is to share the (using the project management terminology) initiation phase of my Steward’s endeavour, or in other words the brainstorm about both short-term and long-term projects in my mind.


Few words about myself

Let me first briefly introduce myself. I study information science and I’m a full-time philosopher that has more or less set opinion about the metaphysics. I also play semi-professionally Ultimate Frisbee and love to play PC games too. I have been part of the Steem Blockchain for more than a year. In the last 2 months my blog turned into Blockchanized Bachelor’s thesis and a streamers blog on @dlive. That was due to immense work connected to university (creation of the thesis and studying for the finals). I basically didn’t have any spare energy to produce the philosophical content and engage more deeply with the decentralized environment. That is going to change now though!

The activities and projects in mind

This is by no means a final list. This actually is just a very first draft that has been prepared while I had very limited time. All of the mentioned projects and activates are just a product of brainstorms, not dedicated pondering. They are just in the initiation phase of projects (which means the very start). Also my vision of what is to come is FAAAR from concentrating on one, or several, projects, even though I might very well spend quite some time concentrating on given activity in any particular project that I could contribute to. Overall though my vision is to execute a role of an information scientist in a decentralized sphere. That means a role of a person that helps and supports the growth of many projects across all possible fields of expertise (very much the vision of @sndbox itself). I love to think, I love to brainstorm, I love to create, I love decentralization and this is in the future going to be my full job…therefore this all is just a first brainstorm of a @sndbox Steward/Alumni – graduate of one of the possible layers in a decentralized system called Steem…lol let’s not get too deep here:).

Let me just explain one additional feeling before I move onto the actual projects and activities. Whoever is deeply committed in decentralized communities and understands the mechanisms behind them should pursue “explanation to strangers” for the sheer ability to grow. One of our problems is that people don’t understand the systems, therefore they can’t imagine themselves contribution to any of those decentralized platforms. A lot of those people that don’t understand the systems, yet they have very much to offer in terms of content creation in specific fields of expertise. The whole decentralized sphere miss out on those talents. Those talents can find (for me) unimaginable ways to connect the decentralized sphere with the field of expertise they possess or understand. Helping them to understand and to find possible individual ways in which they can contribute to such systems…that is one of the most important problems those decentralized communities face right now. We don’t need someone that would dictate how, when and where, what to do…we just (not exclusively of course) need another person that would bring to the table what he/she, thus supports the “spreading of decentralization”. And then another one…and another one 🙂


Blockchainized Bachelor’s thesis

As already said last 2 months of Steem has been only about this project and streaming. For the last 5 months I have been working on my thesis fulltime. Even in the beginning I was pretty sad that the work would be stuck in university database where no one would ever read it. That was an unacceptable outcome. The solution was obvious at that time. Translate the work and publish it on Steem. This is still the plan, but I first need to finish my finals, so I can concentrate fully on high quality translation. I will then regularly publish parts of the thesis on my blog. At the end I plan to do some final changes and publish it as a whole scientific book on Dbooks for free (and maybe some voluntary tips:P). You can find everything I have published yet linked in this article.


@sndbox – University Collaboration

This is not going to be the first project, where @sndbox is getting involved in university’s projects. Part of the information science though is project management and our teacher is quite an enthusiastic one. Part of project management are fundraising methods and unfortunately the only one that we truly study are grants, which are from my point of view are ethically questionable. I am firm believer that universities should be as objective as possible, therefore should not only demand students to practice “how to fundraise through grants” but optionally the students should have an option to choose to do the practice through different fundraising methods. Steem and @sndbox could enable the teacher and the whole university to teach the OBJECTIVE reality about fundraising methods and let the student decide, which kinds are ethically ok for him and not force every single student to study only grants and ignore other fundraising methods because they are “not so effective”. This could lead to the creation of quite some interesting projects that could be supported not only by @sndbox, but of course by the whole Steem community, if they would find the projects unique.

Empowering the poor

I do not believe in equality. All the people are different, some contribute more and some contribute less and equality is in strict opposite to the natural laws. Such a statement though is not in contradiction with the belief, that all the people in the world deserve to have equal negative rights (check Wikipedia if you do not know the difference between positive and negative rights) and equal access to open access information. There is a whole scale of problems across the world with the outcome of people not having those negative rights. Let me work with two examples. First of all we have China. Dictatorship that steals its civilians organs, enslave their citizens etc. This though is a supreme governments with hell lot of power. We, “mere humans” have no power there. The second example being places in Africa, where whole cities and villages lack the access to electricity, therefore the access to the gathered information by whole humanity. We, already empowered crypto enthusiasts have power there though! Through decentralized systems like the Sun Exchange people can combine their powers and bring value to those territories. Bringing the value there is the only way how to empower such communities and give them the possibility to earn value elsewhere, than just from the physical commodities that usually landlords around possess. First part of my empowerment plan is to created Microgrids in Africa and electrify villages and cities. Then I’ll try to investigate the matter of Internet access and how to enable those Microgrids to connect to the internet (the only way will probably be decentralized projects in the future again. Last part of my plan is to create alongside @sdnbox an educational material about decentralization, creation of value in information age, information literacy and so on, suited for teachers in those environment. As I said this is just an initiation phase (brainstorm) but I truly believe that creation of value in those territories is the ONLY way how to battle described problems.

Project support

As I said I want to help as many people as I can with the understanding of the decentralized sphere, so experts across all imaginable fields can start brainstorming about possible future projects. I will very soon publish my plan where I tackle the strategy of inviting new members to @sndbox itself. I though plan to do much more than that. I will of course help the next @sndbox cohort as much as I can, while promoting decentralization on various presentation that I will try to have from time to time. Also I want to help @sndbox grow on new decentralized content rewarding platform called Narrative. I have secured a “Sndbox” niche there, as well a “Philosophy” and ”Narrative niche strategies”. From now on you will contribute an article to the @sndbox account every month. More activities, projects and topics to talk about will develop in time. Let’s engage in them together:)

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