Hi Everyone,

It’s Travelgirl here. I started Steemit on the last day of June 2017 and have been sharing my content every day since then. Its been a really great journey and stumbling onto Steemit was one of the best thing that happened in 2017. I was introduced to cryptocurrency by my other half but I never got to understand all the different coins out there. As I was doing some reading, I read that there was a blogging platform where you can earn a type of crypto – ie Steem.




This picture has been my Steemit photo since the beginning.


I was never great with writing so I wasn’t sure if it was right for me. I was ‘lurking’ the platform for 2 weeks while my account was getting created and realised that there were so many talents out there. I got nervous thinking I won’t be able to do anything near as good as some of the articles on the platform but I thought I had to give it a go. The reason why I gave it a go was that I had nothing to loose. I was never good at investing. So this is a way to try it without taking something from my pocket. I wrote my first introduction post but the feedback wasn’t as great as what I expected. I continued sharing what I thought was good content and what I enjoyed most and by the 1st week, I had some feedback with some votes. I actually had a sense of achievement because somebody out there was actually reading my work, they enjoyed it and gave me feedback. This has continued to give me the drive to keep sharing my work on this platform until today. From my Steemit name, you would have realised I love to travel so my initial sharing was mainly about my travel adventures. As I started getting comfortable on the platform, I shared about my food hunts, life, family and so on.




Steemit is not just a blogging platform but also a community. I was very fortunate to be part of different projects including OCD, Dlive, Fundition, Dpet and now Sndbox. In the last 6-9 months, the amount of change on the platform have changed the way many people use Steemit. When I first started, I focused purely on writing but now, I can extend my content creation to videos, music and so on. I am not restricted anymore. Because of these new DApps, I realised that I am confident in front of the camera and can be myself when making video content which I never thought I could do.



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拉麺しるし @ Hamamatsu, Japan (6).jpg


Apart from the way I use Steemit have changed over the past year, I was very fortunate to make many friends from around the world. This was something I didn’t expect and is something that I value a lot. As I have mentioned above, I am never great at writing so probably this is one of the longest post I’ve written in a very long time (excluding my travel blogs).

In the next few months, I look forward to enhancing my existing skills to create better content for Steemit. Although I am comfortable with what I am doing at the moment, I want to strive for higher and better. I want to learn and see what can improve. This something that I am continuing to achieve while I am in Sndbox and I hope in the next few months, I am able to do better. From the conversations with some of the Sndbox members and also working with many of them during summer camp, there are a lot of talented and passionate people on the platform and I am sure I can learn something from each of them. I am also hoping to people can learn something from me. I know it does sound weird but that will help me learn about myself. It could be giving people courage to try something out of their comfort zone like making a short video about themselves or just out shopping as I know people are not keen to be looking at themselves on screen.


That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!



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