Hello! I’m Gabrielle and I’m a storyteller, yes sir, that’s really something. But don’t worry, I didn’t think it was important either until I got to Steemit. I am Venezuelan and I came to this blockchain community like many others, looking for a new entrance of money in my desire to become independent of my parents. I had already known a few months before what Bitcoin was, but all my general knowledge in the world of cryptocurrencies remained practically null, that was almost a year and a half ago.


Picture by: @Elfranz


That was one of the first things that Steemit taught me, that not only did Bitcoin exist, but there were also many others and that this was a growing community that caught my attention because of my passion for writing. If you read my first introduces, you may notice that I had intentions for my blog totally different from what I have today as my path on the platform, I feel sorry but at the same time I am proud to read that presentation because I can see all the road that I have run and how much I have grown.

It took me about 6 months to realize that my path was wrong and that I wasn’t getting anywhere with the content I was creating, because it didn’t fill me, it didn’t make me happy and I felt it as an obligation. There I began to publish chapters of a story that I have been writing since I was 15 years old, with that story I was able to find a more determined path to what I liked. At that time -December of 2017- I started working as a moderator at the server of @cervantes, a Hispanic content curator community that opened its doors to me and taught me so many things, I thank part of my growth to them since I was able to explore different topics and find the niches in which I feel comfortable.

And this is me now. I found my place, my passion, my way. As my Biography says:

Fairy| Makeup Artist | Wannabe Dancer | Part-Time Writer | Pole Dancer Training | Life Passionate




I would like to briefly explain each of the sections in which it is separated. I have received questions because the first thing that is read is Fairy, well from February to May of this year I was studying makeup, I graduated with honors from makeup artist and when choosing my “business” or “artistic” name I chose something that would represent my essence and at the same time could be taken seriously, Fairy Makeup was chosen because despite being 21 years old, my soul is a little girl of 6, I enjoy fairy tales and between the unicorn and the fairies represent my creatures favorites -Inclusive I have my own makeup instagram account @fairymakeup.gds – The makeup was something that I had always liked but I had never decided to really learn it, it’s good that I took that step because it was one of the best choices in my life , in my profile I occasionally upload makeup videos to what my camera, memory and internet allow me to upload.

In the next section. Since I was very little the dance has had a great impact on my life, I am one of those people who can be in the subway surrounded by a thousand people, or in a park with people jogging and with a headset or music on speaker and you will see me dancing without any fear or pity, that is something that I do not suffer, public penalty. It is still in my Bucket List to enter a dance academy to polish this passion -and according to other, talent-, I also tend to upload dance videos occasionally.

We get to the sauce of the matter and you will say, because “part time” if writing is basically what my Steemit is made up of, because as I have a life and a day-to-day work; I am currently a production assistant at the audiovisual production company Albur founded by @vadimlascaand @marialefleitas; currently written is what you can find more in my blog, stories already started with advanced chaptersothers with a fewstories of goblinswitches, on sensitive topics such as Stockholm syndrome, a bit of everything.

Last but not least, pole dance, what was supposed to be my Steemit blog at first became secondary; pole dance came to me as a way to drain my desire to dance and exercise, has been the perfect relief and although at this time is something secondary in my life, sometimes the inspiration comes to me and I think the odd post about this.

As you can see, I am a salad and I have many plans for me within this platform, because even though it is something virtual it has become part of my life that keeps me always innovating, creating and looking for ways to improve myself.

For example …


Through the Sndbox Summer Camp I became the Editor-in-Chief of @Steem-Times and what is The Steem Times? We are a free newspaper, that is to say that anyone can come and write with us, exclusive articles of practically any subject, it is a project that is being born and which has a quite transparent vision about what we want to share; The idea is to provide a platform where no topic is denied inside or outside the platform, it is not restricted to just the Steem or Cryptocurrency world.



Also, I am part of the healing team of @la-colmena, it is a new Hispanic curator group which has a process through its discord channel where anyone can be a curator and leave a post that considers that it is not being well rewarded, then goes through a first general approval process where any user can comment and vote for the post they like, to finally go through a second internal review process where those who will be voted that day are chosen. We believe in teaching people how to heal and that they can spread the profits as much as possible.

What comes next?

Regarding my personal blog, my writings, my future as a writer, which thanks to Steemit and I’ve realized what really makes me happy, I’m planning to put my hands in scripts, learn to create them and maybe create a script of some of the stories that I love them precisely to produce, who knows, maybe someday you will watching an original series of mine, born here in Steemit or some book that becomes popular. As well as finishing the stories that I have already started, that is really a challenge because I tend to forget them for a couple of weeks before feeling inspired again to start writing.

Regarding @Steem-Times, the idea is to make it the source of information and new quality content for Steemit and why not? of the world of cryptocurrencies, for this, we want to grow in which people respect, increase the flow of post to have more level of readers and offer advertising exchanges that can benefit both parties and already going a little further and being more ambitious including expanding the content to other languages.

But for this it is necessary the support of each of you, who want to be part of this project, either writing in a column, regular articles, relevant news; coding and designing, our doors are now open.

Finally, for la colmena, we want to become a transparent healing group that can reward more people a day, as well as offer a space where the best authors of that day or that week are presented through our informative blog @el-panal.

I think these little lines summarize everything I am and what I want to achieve, it goes without saying that Steemit had a giant impact on my life, it made me leave the bubble in which I lived, it made me grow and be more responsible and Independent, it made me realize what I liked, it made me spend moments of sadness for not achieving certain things. It has been a year of ups and downs that I would not change for anything and here I am to stay.

Thank you!

Picture by: @Elfranz


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