About Me

My name is Maxie Moses and it is so easy to notice if you look closely, that I am an Architect. As an Architect, design is my life until death do us part.

I have my life streaming and Steeming with lots of traits, vision and ambitions, a few I wish to keep, and most of which I love to share for free.

I am mild mannered and soft spoken, beaming with a strong personality; always willing to take a risk, knowing that it is risky to stay out of taking risks, as life comes with set of risks in a bundle. I consider my mind frame deeply rooted in hardened hatred for competition with a funny affinity and love for challenge. I almost always challenge myself beyond the bars of restrictive limits, intriguing myself with the felling that follows when the deal is done.

The Tall tale of My Story…

Being born into an emerging economy like that of my country, you are birthed into living your life at the edge of the wind, were civilization is just at its infant stage. It didn’t take me more than a moment to discover that as time went by. But everything was cool from the beginning as a lad until I grew, with age came the bag and burden of responsibility. It was time to choose a career path to follow.

The massive societal norm then favored been a Doctor, an Engineer or even a lawyer. It was so sleek to one those, but as much as I would have wish to tell you that been a Doctor would have been fascinating, but I hate to say that I had little or no flair for medicine. But my family wished I decided to choose something prestigious like Medicine, engineering or law. So I decided to decide in favor of Engineering (Electrical/ Electronic engineering after serious of negotiation with my dad). This turned out be a calculated risk, a risk I had to take maybe because I knew that there was someone watching and I had to make them proud. But the beast of designs came up strong making me feel sick and sad about my recent stagnation.

More often than not, a sight into the pages of my life’s history book leaves me with memories I hate to keep, or maybe I should have them kept for keep sake. Five years in the university studying Engineering (and mathematical manipulations) was all for making my family proud. You guess many might laugh it off.


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But at the beginning of the end of my Engineering studies was birthed an urge to go for a honey moon with design in the school of architecture. With my parent happy I was an engineer in the making, the prospects of been an Architect clouded my vision taking me most of the times to cloud nine.

When it was all over I left the school of Engineering a barely happy man. With a sparkle of light in my mind that has ignited my insight, I had to prove I could make a right decision. Over the process of time I applied for admission to the school of Architecture and believe you me, Nature had it planned out. Seeming without difficulty I got into a wedlock with architectural design, something I still enjoy even as we are yet speaking.


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What’s More?

Life to me is not a bed of roses; history will always have itself repeated, but the problem with many is: they never will learn. With each second that ticks we can agree that we are faced with experiences: some sour ones, some not too nice, others beaming with elegance, having us left off with a sweet or sad taste depending on how events slides.

Being an architect with fluidity for design made a part of my asset that comes with other tool sets, an eye for details, a mind frame for perfection and artistic view of nature’s as my best asset. Little also did I know that writing could add up as a lucrative skill. Something I always kicked around and took for cheap, until I met this I had to groom with online courses on Trust me when I tell you, I have being writing on my own since I was just a kid I can’t lie to you I have been like Michael Jackson. Though many will laugh it off it largely true and you can have a view for yourself on @maxiemoses-eu

With little or no knowledge about blockchain and crypto except for the buzz around Bitcoin, My birth to the Steem ecosystem was something that largely came as an aftermath of a huge disappointment that I got off a bad experience with fraudsters on the internet, that left me so sick to the point where I was unable eat or sleep. The only thing I could feel was the rise of my body temperature that froze my spine.

But with every disappointment comes a blessing, so I was told from a piece I read off #steemchurchtag on Steemit. But been rattled and embattled with the experience of huge losses I opted to fall back to designs. But there was more. Recession had just struck my country so hard that there was a downward switch in the tide and trend of times.

Being a freelance Architect, life was certainly filled with uncertainties; it became clear that I had to switch location for a bigger city. It was time to hit the metropolitan city of Lagos; it was like going to France without been able to speak French. That I did like a pilgrim, in the process I met a friend call @sbamsoneu, with whom I built a very close relationship with, breaking bread and backs together over the process of time.


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My Intersection With The Steem Blockchain

But with my friend’s @sbamsoneu intersection with @eurogee, came a floating a piece of information of Steem that got me stocked on blogging. He wrote me the blue print that made me make my moves on Steem. Then in the process of the proceedings, he got me invested into another world where only the fluid from the pen was ruling. How could one live so close to heaven and grow up in hell, with no sign or signal of from an angel from Steem? Only to be notified after huge loses, birthed from sleek fraudulent activities on the internet.

With Steem, at some point down the line, I thought I had struck gold. But with my sour experience with the ghost of low recognition and reward living beside my blog, I got tired of the cold, I needed to go home. On my way out I took a look out the window with a view into the mirror, I saw how that, been part of an active community made many Steem-users stand tall. Then I knew it was time to reinvent my Steem game. That was where the idea of clinging to the @sndbox’s train got me ticking.

After a lot of challenges on my way to @sndbox I got exposed to lot more Steem- users. And then I trailed a path that navigated through the @sndbox summer camp where I had to slide around with another massively growing tribe on Steem powered by the @celfmagazine. You can imagine how sleek things turned out, that in the tail end, my flight on Steem had just landed at @sndbox.

My Long Term Steem Wish

For me, there is more to been at @sndbox than the leverage many might anticipate. With my path to @sndbox I got an opening to the CELF Arts and Culture, I right now perceive, it is time for me to help other Steem-users while I grow in the process and experience of enjoying the Steem- blockchain.

With my engagement with a lot more Steem users surrounding @sndbox, the @celfmagazine and a few others community I might have to join over the process of time, I would have to shine my light so much so that many undervalued Steem-user might follow, knowing that many have being lost along the way.

With my home now residing at Steem, I now have been opened up to many more blockchain projects. This overtime has birthed, with a sparkle of light an insight to my mind, a new world where cryptos are ruling. Enjoying this type of transition framed on blockchain and crypto-currencies, I now understand that cryptos are the rewards one leverages off the process for doing what trills him/her the most with these processes mostly hinged on blockchain technology, of which Steem is chief.

For me my path to success both on and off Steem is still been incubated and I am inspire and motivated from my inner man to aspire as the game goes on. At least even at the worst case, you can perceive I hid myself an ace to play. And I have my hand on the table until I win.


And I don’t prophesy, I promise you.


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