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After we announced our plans for the TravelFeed dApp a few weeks back, we have been in touch with several Steemians interested in working with us to turn our concept into a dApp.



I had a call with Diego Pucci (@elear), CEO of @utopian-io. He loves the idea of the TravelFeed dApp and also the fact that the TravelFeed dApp will be fully open-source. Our development will be supported by Utopian and as soon as we have a codebase, we will apply to become one of Utopian’s VIPO projects. For now, Utopian has sent us several developers. After some discussions, we decided to go with an experienced team of developers who have already developed a web app and mobile app for Steem – especially the mobile app is really impressive.




We are currently in the process of discussing together with the developers which features to prioritize. For the initial release, the TravelFeed dApp will have the feature to add a location and a category (cycling/travel advice/food of the world/city break/…) in the editor. On the frontend, it will be possible to sort posts by these categories and by location (continent/country/region). The frontend will show all posts in #travelfeed that have at least 250 words, regardless of which UI was used to author them.




After implementing these initial features, we will move to some other basic features:

  • Embedding of Youtube & DTube videos
  • Map with community geotags: Users can create geotags on the map such as home and travel destination (with date) in a 10km radius to organise meet-ups
  • The editor will be very user-friendly with an optional Markdown/HTML mode. A word count will be included as well and with under 250 words it won’t be possible to post the article
  • Introducing an option for short posts with a separate feed (different tag)
  • Introducing an additional option in the editor to connect the post with previous posts to a journey – with a timeline and map view (itinerary) on the frontend

The TravelFeed dApp will be released for testing with these features while we keep working on more advanced features such as custom blogs on subdomains as well as a mobile app. We have also decided to delay the creation of our own login system since another Steem project is working on a universal login system for all Steem dApps similar to our idea described in the previous post that we are hoping to integrate at a later point.

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