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Collaborative Art!

Hello everyone! Adele here. With this post I would like to share with you my art collaboration with a Steemit friend, @friendly-fenix. For this #cryptocollab exercise I was searching for someone artsy. First I asked a friend who missed my comment, and afterwards I decided to create a Steemit post and ask for collaborators of art and drawing through my blog. Finally I met someone who had a nice idea!

Lately, I’ve seen more and more posts about stickers for Steem, which you can print out. @friendly-fenix suggested we make a few of these artful stickers together. We had a lot of fun, teamwork feels great!

Our Stickers

Below, here are our crypto-collaborative stickers. My original drawings and his background, lettering and coloring. I really love the way he colored the drawings 🙂 aren’t they lovely?



And More!

Here are a handful more stickers which @friendly-fenix made and colored. The first one is my sticker in black and white – which he made the background and incorporated the lettering. This is a great way to do some “steemit promo” and have fun at the same time!




An Easy Entrance to Steem through Artwork

By sticking this artwork here, it can raise the public curiosity about our unique online community. Perhaps one of these stickers could draw someone in and encourage them to learn more about blockchain resources for creative people. Art can change lives and we hope this project can kickstart a new beginning for people who still know nothing about this platform.

I must share a big thanks to @friendly-fenix! I really enjoyed and loved our art collaboration.

The Steem Community [Whales, Crabs and Octopi]




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