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Introduction x @fingersik

Working alone is fine. There though always is time and space for collaboration projects and frankly, if one wants to create an impactful project, one often times needs help. After 2 years on Steem, the need arose even for me. I decided to connect Academia and Steem and I could possibly make it alone.

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Initial Vision

You can learn more about my Steem and Academia project, here. and additional updates here. For this article, I will instead speak about the collaboration options we had and how we at the end decided to run the team.

My first vision even for this semester was that each team member will write their own articles (probably under my own account for profitability reasons – If we started creating 3 new accounts, the project could be at its end before they would even be recognized by other accounts than @sndbox) about the project updates. The initial vision though was discarded at the second team meeting due to a simple fact – just because the guys are super good for actual project creation doesn’t necessarily make them good writers with good English. We therefore decided that I will be the sole presenter of the project, while the rest of the team will discard Steem and only concentrate on the “university’s” part of the project. This is a valuable lesson for the time, when the subject will be online on our faculty. One of the most important prerequisites will be good English. I might even demand another prerequisite – something like “Articles on Steem”. I will ponder about that a bit more in the future.

Team Setup

The team therefore reached a consensus of how to interact with Steem. It has though also reached a consensus about how it will run itself. The team was carefully selected. I play the role of a “Blockchain specialist” (lol). After all it has been my full time job the past two years and I definitely have the most information, skill and experience with the decentralized environment. We then have two guys that are extremely good brainstormers, have very good knowledge about project management and have some significant understanding about Blockchain too. Their presence enables the team to reach brainstorming attitude quickly and most importantly it makes the brainstorms very effective. The last team member is a librarian specialist that is working for Czech Academy of Sciences. Even though he has a rather limited knowledge about Blockchain technology, he has much bigger knowledge about libraries than us. He also plays a very important “opposition” role. He’s trying to debunk most of the new elements we come up with, which is crucial for double-checking purposes.

We are now 100% ready to work as sufficiently as we possibly can. Whether we will bring results is though still in far future.

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