My name is José Duque (@joedukeg) I am a musician and I consider myself passionate about all those things in life that make me feel freedom, peace and fulfillment, that’s why I am passionate about art, jazz, physical exercise and I also love to visit the mountains and surround myself with nature. I have a love to make friends and to do entrepreneurship, so I enjoy devising projects and ideas to improve my context. From time to time I ask myself questions about the nature of things and the meaning of life.

Having a passion for various subjects and my tendency to make my opinion known about things has made my blog very diverse, being able to become as volatile as my creative processes are, and I like that, I feel that blogging is a way in which I can leave a mark of my passage through the world, forever recorded in the blockchain.

When thinking about the content of my blog I usually think about the opinion of my audience, but I am also guided by my tastes and by what leaves a positive impact on me, that’s why the themes of which I publish seem to have no common thread, are like the sketches that construct an abstract work of art.

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I came to Steemit thanks to a friend from college in October last year, when my priorities were 100% in music and I still didn’t know anything about the world of blockchain, joining in this social network had an unexpected effect on me because I thought that my main activity would be to share my music – and it was during the first few months – but as time went by and I became curious about the platform, I started to get to know all the possibilities that STEEM offers for entrepreneurship, and that’s how I started CELF (@celfmagazine) in early 2018 together with my artist friends: @cronosclocks@jeilinespinel@camiloferrua and @apokalejandro, and we decided to officially launch the project in March.

The CELF (@celfmagazine) project was born with the mission of promoting and supporting art and culture on STEEM, by curating, creating content and carrying out cultural and artistic activities outside the blockchain or in the “real world”.

I am amazed at the very real community that I have met on STEEM, by real I mean how palpable it is, how real their stories are and the commitment that can be seen in the participation of their members in the construction of it, that’s something that is not seen in case of any other online community, because on STEEM who make the future are the users.

I have found a place where I can boost my creative activity and projects in a decentralized way with the support of the community, and my goals for the next 4 months at @sndbox can be summarized in a few points.

  • Learn about all the tools STEEM provides and use them to grow
  • Open myself to more community and make friends
  • Increase the SP of @joedukeg and @celfmagazine
  • Make @sndbox better known in the spanish speaking community
  • Getting support and funding for @celfmagazine
  • Carry out contests and challenges from @celfmagazine sponsored by @sndbox

This has been my re-introduction to the community, I hope you have enjoyed it, although it is possible that you have not, haha, since introductions are usually boring, anyway, very nice things are coming for the community and the platform. STEEM ON!

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