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Hello Everyone, @dedicatedguy here!

Not too long ago, I posted the first part of a little scifi story that I wrote in collaboration with @nowonline.

We are both scifi fans, and in my case, it is one of my favorites genres when I decide to watch movies or any kind of film series. I have enjoyed a lot of scifi content over the years, for example, my favorite series of recent times is without doubt Black Mirror, I consider this series a must-watch for any scifi fan because every episode is completely independent, so they are like mini-movies with mind-blowing topics and top-notch production, so far I haven’t found a person who didn’t like this show. When it comes to movies, one I enjoyed a lot from a few years ago is Ex Machina, there are obviously more scifi movies that I love but clearly I can’t name them all.


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Where Our Story Begins…

The story we wrote begins in a near-future world where people can afford to buy human-looking robots as a tool to help and handle the house issues, kind of like having the ultimate domestic help that is capable of doing pretty much everything in the most efficient way possible.

The owner of the robot is someone who takes a lot of risks in his life, which is why sometimes he is at the “top of the world” so to say, and other times he has to endure difficult situations. At the beginning of the story, he is enjoying a period of good luck, he manages to get back on his feet and he buys his dream house, as well as a live-in robot to help him. Now, because of his past, he eventually is threatened by an unwanted visitor inside his home, and that’s when he really sees what his robot is capable of, which ends up scaring him a little bit. For anyone interested in reading the story you can find the link at the beginning of this article.

I decided to work with @nowonline because she is the only active Steemian available to meet up with me and brainstorm together about what to write for a fiction story, which is something I really wanted to do because I think that’s the best way to accomplish a successful collaboration, by brainstorming together with some snacks available and having a nice time while writing the story. I knew she would enjoy doing this collaboration because she likes to write and is also a fan of futurists topics, so it was like the perfect candidate for me to work with.


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Uploading to the Blockchain

When it was time to publish the story, the application used was @steempress, because it allows the simultaneous publication of the content in both the personal blog of the user as well as on the Steem blog.

I am happy with the end result of this collaboration, so far there are 2 chapters published (one on my blog and one on @nowonline’s blog) and there is the option of writing more chapters down the road. There is still a little mystery on the story in the chapter one that is yet to be solved, so we will probably continue with this collaboration and add more chapters to it.

I would really appreciate any feedback for people who decided to read the story and I will happily answer any question you might have.

Thanks for reading!

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