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Chainge on the Blockchain

I’m going to give an overview of an upcoming service on the Steem blockchain, Chainge. The name is a fusion of chain and change, as you might easily infer. Chainge is set out to be a life-changing platform. That is actually its slogan.

The two guys behind this project are Sunsu Jeong (CEO) and Pyung-Jin Park(CTO).

Here is @sunsu‘s original announcement post.

The purpose of Chainge is to reward creators on the Steem blockchain, by connecting them to consumers. These consumers could be advertisers or clients looking for talent.

Connecting Content Creators with Consumers

We all know of the problem (or the non-existence) of reward for creators on existing, centralized platforms. On the other hand, Steemit’s limitations include the 7-day period, beyond which a creator could not be rewarded further. Chainge seeks to solve this and reward authors and creators for longer periods of time.

Chainge will be a platform anyone can join with ease and speed. There will be a level of credit given to each user, according to their activities. The quality of their posts, number of comments, clicks, likes will all be standards by which they will be evaluated, and given the status of Authors. During this evaluating period, Steemit accounts will be created for them. (After Hardfork 20, of course, accounts can be created immediately.)

On the platform Chainge, people will be able to see and upload their contents in different categories so that various people with various talents will want to join. Authors verified by Chainge can make use of two functions on the platform: Funding and Medium. Through Funding, authors can put up their work of highest quality and raise funds for it, and through Medium they can be connected to people willing to hire them. Of course, all the work uploaded will be posted on Steemit simultaneously.

Smart Advertising and Rewards

There is one other function on the Chainge platform: Ads. Anyone, not just those verified as Authors on the platform, can use it. After 7 days are over and no more rewards are forthcoming from Steemit, users of Chainge can be rewarded through ads. The Chainge account on Steemit will also curate the posts uploaded through Chainge, following a credit-based indicator, which will be renewed every day. Chainge will pay for Steem power delegated to them, so that those who delegate to Chainge will also benefit, just as stockholders would.

For its own maintenance and development, Chainge will take a commission fee from each mediated transactions between clients and authors/talents.

As for funding, Authors will also be able to hold pre-sales and raise funds to complete their contents. The forms of these contents will not be restricted. Chainge will take a fee from the funds raised, for maintenance and development.

After the authors have been paid through funding, and contributors have been given the contents, the contents themselves will be deemed as verified contents, and closed from the general view. They will be open to those who pay a subscription fee, which of course will go to the authors save a fee for Chainge. The same will be done with revenue from advertisements.

The idea of Chainge came from various domestic (Korean) platforms, each rewarding their authors through ads and funding. Some of them are quite selective, while others are more general. There are also global services, such as Medium. Chainge has sought to benchmark all the strengths found in these services.

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