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Welcome to “Collaborate”

STEEM is the next evolutionary step of online communities, since it introduces a decentralized economic element driven by the community itself to its functioning, the Proof of Brain; according to the subjective valuation given to the content, its authors receive remuneration in crypto currencies, and those who value also receive rewards as the content is valued by others.

In this assignment, Sndbox encouraged members of its cohort to create initiatives through teamwork, thus exploiting all the tools that STEEM provides to communities.

[Caza Cultura] Recording and Transmitting the Cultural and Artistic Value of Latin American Personalities and Spaces [@celfmagazine + bicicleta]

@celfmagazine is a bilingual (Español + English) curation project powered by Steem. CELF aims to build a decentralized community model of growth with a focus on culture, literature, art and engagement.

@bicicleta is an audiovisual production company dedicated to promoting Venezuelan musical proposals.

What is Caza Cultura?

Caza Cultura = Cultural Hunting. We are an initiative carried out by two projects, both Latin American and with an artistic and cultural approach @bicicleta, and @celfmagazine. Our mission is to serve as a window to the digital world, to connect more with the richness of the spaces and personalities of the art world, who in some way build our identity and our culture.

Community building through cultural routes

One of our pillars for this project will be to build community, outside and inside STEEM, for this reason we want our cultural routes – on which we will produce the content – to be open to the public, so we will make calls in Steemit and other social networks as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

There are many Latinoamerican initiatives with visions similar to ours, who runs on other social networks, we are sure that our intervention will be a disruptive and beneficial element, which will inevitably attract content creators to STEEM over the other platforms, thus serving our mission of building community.

Content Production

For this collaboration we decided to exploit the talents of each project, @bicicleta with its audiovisual equipment and knowledge, and @celfmagazine with its community and creative potential.

We will start working on the recording and publication of the content from next week, which will be published via @celfmagazine blog. Our start will be local, visiting museums and places with cultural and historical value, limiting ourselves to write historical reviews, and opinion articles accompanied by photographs. For the second month we will start with more specific and better elaborated proposals, which will include video and interviews. Much of our content will be published via the following Apps: @fundition@dtube@steepshot and @steempress.



Looking ahead

@celfmagazine and @bicicleta are projects founded in Venezuela, so, why do you guys give so much importance to Latinoamerica in your mission statement?

A very accurate question that we are sure many will ask, especially our Spanish-speaking readers. The answer is simple, STEEM is a beneficial step forward for the globalization and decentralization of content, and the present economic incentive favors 100% the connection of communities around the world, if we add to that that Venezuela is going through an incredible crisis, thus encouraging migration, it is not audacious at all that our goal expands beyond the borders of our country.

Communities are growing more and more

Since this is a collaboration-based post, we would love, from @celfmagazine, to cordially invite you to take a look at the following projects, which are doing an incredible job and can get more attention from the community: @bicicleta@elarca@swimproject@la-colmenaand @votomasivo.

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