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This is a reintroduction of myself after almost 7 months here. So I’ll summarise what you already know and what has changed in the past months since I joined Steemit.

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I was born in Venezuela and have lived most of my life in different countries like India, Colombia, United States, Mexico and Hungary. I studied architecture in Mexico but found out it wasn’t my passion when I was a year short of graduating. So eventually I decided to finish my career even though I never used it. I came back to Venezuela, and worked as a graphic designer for a couple of years, then continued doing so in Colombia. I then bought my first professional camera, a Nikon in 2012, which I used during my travels in Europe.

Everything changed on April 1st 2017, after the Supreme Court of Justice in Venezuela deprived the National Assembly of its power, which provoked a lengthy series of demonstrations in Venezuela. I knew there was a way I could make a bigger contribution to the protests, so I chose the censorship that we live as my personal battlefield. I grabbed my camera and went out to document everything that was happening. And this is how my camera served as inspiration and hope. My photos helped a lot of people in ways I would have never imagined. I learnt that photography is a powerful tool. I started to understand it, respect it, and embrace it fully. I realized that for me photography was more than just a passion, that it was a way of living.

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After the protest. I knew I didn’t want to put my camera down. I just wasn’t sure what to do with it anymore. I didn’t want to be a photo journalist either. So I started photographing weddings, and ocasional portraits for friends. I then decided to join one of the best photography schools of my country. And since then I’ve fallen in love with it each day more and more. It’s my life’s passion, makes me happy, and challenges me to be better each day.

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I’m still looking for my identity inside the photography world, but what I can say for sure, is that what I love the most about it, is the honesty of the moment. The fact that you can inmortalize a second, a moment that ceased to exist and that you chose to keep alive through your own perspective. Portraits are definitely what draws me the most, I like people, I like their expressions, the secrets their eyes tell. And also documentary photography because of it’s honesty. I guess what I always try achieve is to make photos that evoke feelings.

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Steemit in a way has pushed my limits and gotten me outside my confort zone. Meeting awesome photographers from all over the world and getting feedback from them has been an experience that has given me the strength to believe in myself. So for this I am grateful. Reason why I try to help any new photographer I see joining Steemit. Hopefully I’ll be here for a while, and will keep on sharing my progress while I learn each day.

Thanks for believing in me.

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