I am @bitrocker2020

It’s been awhile since someone last asked me to write an introduction post! However it has been a year of firsts on the Steem Blockchain.

Over the past year, I’ve been part of an amazing community called TeamMalaysia , it was started around July 2017 and we’ve grown the community to close to about 1,500 authors who are all active writers apps like on Steemit.

I am also running as a witness on this amazing blockchain as its important that witnesses actively maintain the blockchain as well as grow its user base. One then, Steem will continue to flourish and be filled with amazing authors.

My actual name is Simon !

A lil bit about myself, I’m now a full time Steemian who does almost everything within and around the blockchain. Being in Malaysia, this is possible as the cost of living is not as high as compared to most urban cities.

What I used to do ?

I’ve been in the Information Technology scene for close to 25 years ( not stating that I’m old ) and have done programming, technical, sales, managed companies and also run digital marketing campaigns.

Having done many boring corporate stuff at the earlier part of my existence, I decided to dedicate my life into helping those within my reach by educating and equipping those who are interested to learn with knowledge which I have gained thru my experiences. One of the first communities which I grew part of was with Google as one of their first Google Business Groups Managers.


And seeing that being able to help many others by sharing the things we are passionate about, it made me realized that this was achievable with growing the communities for the Steem Blockchain as well. So in July 2017, just less then 2 months after getting my account on Steemit. I started running events to grow the Steem community in Malaysia.

The journey is an exciting one as we get to meet all sorts of individuals with so many different hobbies and passion. In less then 6 months, we in TeamMalaysia grew very fast and it was great to see and converse with the communities.


Summary about me

So those who feels that you are alone in your locality and think that you want to startup a community ? I’d say just go ahead and do it. Don’t wait around for the perfect moment as it may never come. YOLO ” You Only Live Once ” … make the most of it and never regret

Thanks to @sndbox for letting me post a lil introduction about myself.

Cheers and have a great day. If you like what I’m doing for the Steem community, do vote on my witness @bitrocker2020

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