Hello, my real life name is Gabriel!

My Steem handle here is @dedicatedguy. I have always been a technology lover, and I have always enjoyed consuming all type of available information regarding the latest products, research about ideas that could eventually change our world for the better.

I guess being an avid consumer of that type of content is a way for me to satisfy my thirst for knowing more about subjects that I find interesting. I see technology and science as my favorite subjects to explore and to talk with other people about.

When it comes to the blockchain world, I remember reading about bitcoin a few years ago, and I of course thought the idea was interesting. However, now that it is really clear the potential blockchain has to change our societies and offer a new way to defend the freedom of individuals all over the world, I must say I have probably never been so excited with the thought of immersing myself in an industry that could have such a strong impact literally everywhere. I think blockchain technology will be the main driver for the new innovations to come, and it would certainly be an improvement compared to the traditional way of doing things.



And now… here’s a favorite picture of mine from a trip to the Vatican.


Goals Looking Forward

My goals regarding Steem would be to keep growing my blog and get better with my articles, get to know more Steemians, diversify even further the type of content that I create, and help other people and communities in whatever I can to make their Steem journey easier and better. Promoting Steem in my local community is something that I am interested as well, although I have already done this with some close friends and family there are always more people to inform and teach them about this new generation of social media.

And regarding blockchain in general, I would like to improve my trading skills because basically I don’t have any, I know there are a lot of people being very productive with their trading skills, but so far I have decided not to participate in those activities, I guess a lot of those results have to be with luck, although I am still open to the idea and give it a try if I found a proper way to make strategies and have good results.



A picture from a social activity we had with kids a few months ago.


About My Background

I am from Venezuela and have roots with Portugal, as most of you probably know, Venezuela is a country that as of now, is pretty much destroyed. Right now, we’re experiencing the worst economic collapse in its history.

Crypto for people in Venezuela is a modern way to bypass not only the economic hardships, but also the currency exchange control that forbids Venezuelans to legally exchange the local currency with currencies from other countries. It basically work like this: the government decides who has access to the official price, and only those are the ones who can legally exchange their money for dollars, euros, among other common currencies, leaving the majority of the people in the country holding a currency that has the highest inflation of the planet, this means that anyone holding Bolivares is losing value on a daily basis.

Crypto of course, is all about freedom and breaking barriers created by governments, being able to move value with no complications thanks to cryptocurrencies in general and Steem in particular is something that I am very grateful for, besides, it also offers a way to have savings in projects that hopefully can be very successful in the future.

The Steem-Experience

My experience on Steem has been a very positive one, since the beginning I felt very welcomed and happy to found a place such as this (that even today, I think it still is unique), it was very easy to chat with other Steemians to learn about the platform, and day after day I started to get use to it and to understand how this platform work.

At the beginning it was kind of hard to figure out how to format the posts with markdown, but after reading some guides and doing a little bit of research it became second nature for me. I have tried several DApps like DTube and DLive for example, but the internet in Venezuela is very slow so loading and uploading the videos is slower than most people expect, especially uploading. Still, a few months ago I managed to publish a few videos on DTube and I have been planning in filming new videos, this is on my to-do list.

After discovering Steem, most of my online time went into it, and it still does, but that have not stopped me from trying other platforms. Back in December or January I remember reading about an app called Sola and it was basically about sharing pictures, but eventually it got boring to me, felt like a task and not like fun. Recently I also visited this platform called but I think I haven’t tried it out though. I think these are so far all the blockchain based social media platforms that I have tried, it is clear which one is the best so far.

Contributing to the Steem Community

Since I am a content creator, the first thing that I can offer is original content of what I think is good quality, I also consider myself an active user always checking his feed and doing comments in articles that I find interesting. I can also offer help regarding pretty much everything related to Steem, whether it is about how the platforms works or mentoring about proper content creation, and I have even some ideas about creating a community about a particular niche, but I prefer to give it more time and think more about this.

Also, I power up most of the tokens that I manage to earn with the support I have receive (which I am very grateful for) and use that Steem Power to vote on posts that are of good quality, which is what I think every Steemian should be doing.

Thank you very much for reading!

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