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BitTube for Music

As a music producer and performer, I’m learning by the day that the more I embrace and use Blockchain technologies and Dapps I’m learning how it is changing the way to artists from selling their music, to interacting with their fans and monetizing their work to get rewarded instantly and securely a passive cryptocurrency.


What is BitTube?

BitTube is a new decentralized media platform that allows users to monetize their content and freedom of speech, and it uses BitTube (TUBE) cryptocurrency.

Exploring the Pros:

  • No censorship – Uses IPFS protocol to store data means (IPFS network) and Creators get the right to speech.
  • Monetize & Earn Crypto – Monetize content and earn BitTube coin in return when viewers see your videos.
  • Fair Reward System – Creators get the same rate of reward irrespective of which part of the world their video content is being viewed from, unlike YouTube ads revenue system.
  • Ad-free – Finally, we can watch tube videos without these annoying ads and pop-ups.
  • Unlimited Video Hosting Space
  • Mine while you Watch – Viewers will get the share of mined revenue as their computing power will be used in mining the BitTube.


If you’re interested in learning more about BitTube, take a look at the video explainer, below:


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