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Being Bilingual on the Blockchain

About nine months have passed since I first joined Steemit. Of things related to cryptocurrency, I had no inkling. I’m still far from being an active investor. I suppose I’ve approached Steemit as another blogging platform. I still do, in most situations.

That being said, I now have an idea of a decentralized network. I like the freedom that it entails, mostly. Belonging to the KR community, i.e. choosing to write in Korean, however, does have some of the advantages of what might roughly qualify as a consensus system; it’s probably the most close-knit community on the Steem blockchain at the moment. The best thing about such a community is the abundance of opportunities to cooperate and take on different tasks.

Past, Ongoing and New Activities

Since before I became a Sndbox member and until recently, I had acted as the curator for posts using the hashtag #kr-pet, with Steem Power delegated from a witness. I myself write about pets from time to time; my main purpose is to help build a healthier idea of pets and the animal world. More recently, I’ve started writing fiction with the same purpose. The fiction series features Monty’s son, Sean. (Image below)





Storytelling & Creative Fiction

On a more regular basis, I write about the classics of literature, film and music. I hope to post more on history and philosophy in the near future, two of the fields I actually studied in schools.

Just a couple of days ago, I took on the editor’s role for a Korean translation of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey. It is a project of Buk.io’s, to keep publishing a series of classics, and my team of translators is to start it. The team, including myself, will be paid in Steem Dollars, for every e-book sold. Because this project runs on the Steem blockchain, the making and sales of books will be very transparent. I will be reporting the process on my end, through a series of diaries.




My posts on the project will usually feature this thumbnail image, above.

I have also taken on a similar task, that of translating articles from a medical journal written by the members of the KR community; I will be starting on that very soon. Needless to say, I’ll also continue to do all of the things I’ve been doing on the Steem blockchain, which has so far been a great outlet as well as a vessel for everything I can do in the written form.

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