Welcome to our Weekly Question Series – every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge our readership to explore new ways of engaging and learning from the Steem blockchain.

How can we engage our audience differently?

Posts are half the Steem game, the other half lies within the comment section. For this challenge, we’re asking you to create a post that is all about engaging your audience and interacting with them in a new way.

the #feedbackchain challenge

How to take part – publish a post using the #feedbackchain tag. Within the post, explore a new technique for engaging your followers. You could ask for advice on something, require them to complete a sentence, or maybe even contribute to a collaborative art piece. The canvas is empty and ready to be explored!

Share a comment below with your #feedbackchain post. We’ll upvote our favorites and showcase a handful of them on Friday, August 10th.


The Weekly Question Series, stems from research topics within the Sndbox incubator. This series is made open to the public in an effort to engage all Steemians and explore new forms of collaboration.

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