Exploring Multi-Media Creativity on Steem

I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a pop star or professional Pokemon card trader. Years later when I needed to start laying out a new career path, I embarked on a winding road that was influenced by my family and also the continuous process of self-discovery. During my four years of college, I went through being a candidate for a major in Earth and Space Exploration, Biochemistry/pre-dental (yay teeth!), Business, Business Communications, auditioning to be in the Music program, and then I finally ended up with a degree in Theatre and Dance. That’s as much as I’ll share for now! What have I done for work? Some people often ask this question to get a general introduction to who someone is. For fun and for now, I’d like to leave this a mystery!

With each day that passes, I realize that I need to re-ignite, nurture, and share the spirit inside of me that enjoys making stuff – even when no one is asking for it! Whether it’s food, music, doodles, or other personal projects, Steemit is the community I’m going to share with. I’m excited to make new friends here along the way!

Who am I?

I am @storybird. I am a creative that explores a variety of mediums of art creation and interpretation. I embrace not having one specific forte, and use it as an opportunity to be open about what I want to create for any given project. For years I have been creating and always looking for enrichment and inspirational opportunities to help move my work forward and keep it as current as possible.


What drives me to explore the blockchain world

The idea of freedom. True connected freedom to create, get compensated, and the gift economy. I think it’s a really special thing that your every action has a reaction in the blockchain. Every upvote actually compensates the poster, every comment and re-Steem can directly raise the value of someone’s individual work. The idea that your actual hard work and persistence over time can lead to growth in a free world of creating and posting what you want is a really wonderful thing.


Looking Ahead

Over the next few months, the goals vary. I would like to begin exploring more of my creative offerings to see what can be created and what can be collaborated with other members.

I think it would be cool to make a series of different artistic approaches to show weekly. Almost like a weekly gallery in a specific style using one of the many Steem based platforms (Steepshot, DSound, Dlive, etc).

There will be more ideas flowing as I become more familiar with the platforms and how to interact with the community.


Diving into the Blockchain

I have worked as a creative consultant for some time now. I have found that as an asset combined with crypto. It’s almost like a fine wine being paired with the right meal. Being creatively flexible and able to create content combined with a platform that rewards content creation directly to the user and those who interact seems like a great pairing. I think the key is how to tie the crypto world and the physical world together to make great things. Also, how to cultivate collaboration in an impactful and useful way.


Exploring Steem

I have used Steem a little bit so far. Admittedly not as much as some people I know who have had a little success on there. I see the availability of opportunity just waiting for people to come and grab it. I thought that I could come in and give it a try!

I think I can offer the Steem community a different take on creativity and to challenge people’s perspectives on what makes something art. I might use a plastic bag, or standard paint, but either way I’ll try to make something meaningful to everyone and spark some kind of emotion. The idea of collaborating with anyone, even in mediums I typically haven’t worked in before sounds intriguing. And with no boss saying to do this or that also sounds intriguing. I would like to offer my skills and create things that make people smile.

I am going to bring several projects to interest people and possibly start a creative explosion. I think that sounds easier than it is. I’ll be using the tags to my advantage and create projects to inspire others to participate over a longer period and form.

Here we go Steemians!


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