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Ever since joining Steemit over a year ago, we recognized its potential for travelers. A social media platform which actually rewards content creators for their original work?! It didn’t surprise us to find a lot of digital nomads signing up. And since every community is stronger when unified, we took the initiative to create the @travelfeed tag, in order to bring Steemit’s travelers closer together.

TravelFeed has been really successful, but it’s really just a start. There are a ton of travel bloggers out there, who have still never even heard of Steemit! So, we decided to make a promotional video targeting those people — something we could put on YouTube and DTube, which would spark interest in joining Steemit and making use of our tag.




Partly filmed with this drone.


When it comes to compensating content creators, traditional social media platforms have been dropping the ball in a major way. Our video aims to inform travel bloggers and other creatives about Steemit as a blockchain-based platform which will actually reward them for their hard work. This concept seems so radical, but it really shouldn’t.

Part of the reason that we wanted to get this video up now, is that we hope to soon introduce a travel dApp utilizing Smart Media Tokens. We haven’t finished this app yet, but we know how important marketing is to a new enterprise like this. The more people we have using our tag, the more successful our app is going to be when it launches! And we think that this promotional video will help bring a lot of new users to both TravelFeed and Steemit.

We decided to put our faces and voices into the video, in order to help personalize it. We’re all kind of shy and none of us love being on camera, but we felt it was important for people to meet the team behind #travelfeed and hear directly from us the reasons we think Steemit is so great. And although he’s not part of the team, I was even able to convince my partner Mike to do a voice-over. We hope that you like it!



Working as a team with TravelFeed has been a real pleasure… a big thank you to @mrprofessor@rimicane@jpphotography for all your hard work. It’s a bummer that @guchtere wasn’t around to participate, since he’s currently on the road… we’d have loved to have your voice in the video, too!

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