Hi Guys! I’m Jassenn, a @sndbox fellow (Steward)

I am Jassenn, an Electronics Engineering graduate who happens to find Steemit as an amazing platform for students. I am one of the admins of @steemph.cebu, a @bayanihan curator, the leading curation account of Philippines, and I’m one of the @sndbox stewards.

I started Steeming last way back June 2017. It’s an overwhelming experience to be here a year and 2 months now. Along that journey, everything amazing and great things happened. It helped me a lot in my personal, family, and school needs. I saw the potential of Steemit as a place for students to “earn and learn” at the same time.



I got a vision of making Steemit as a new platform for us students in our university. We wanted to make the community grow, so I launched the idea of promoting the platform in our university. With the dynamic concept of Steemit, it is actually pretty tough job to explain the platform in layman’s term especially our Cryptocurrency literacy here is way too infant. But, I together with my friends launched the idea of having a university campaign where we provide FREE :

  • Orientations about Steemit and the Steem Blockchain
  • Steemit Designed Shirts
  • Steemit Pins, Flyers, and Plackards.
  • Snacks

I am truly grateful to the support of @donkeypong for donating and helping the cost of printing the materials and with @sndbox for helping us raising the money I need on my post payouts. We were able to launch the community/university campaign and it became a trend in our university. Everyone started Steemit and started earning to the point that our College instructors, university personnel, and even our Chairperson of the College of Engineering welcomed Steemit. It helped us (especially me) in terms of financial needs. Then I realized Steemit is much more than that. It made me a better person that before. I realized that Steemit :

  • Can be a place to hone your skills and talent (plus earning from it!)
  • A place to improve your writing.
  • A place to experess and redefine yourself.
  • A place to gain more friends.
  • A place to learn more about all things especially cryptocurrencies and innovative technologies.



A lot of stories to tell. Right now, our community is facing tough times. Curation efforts became low because of low Steem value. SBD price became very low too and the interactions in the server became silent. But we will soon be back at it.

As a @sndbox steward, my goal is to guide and help the Cohort 2 Sndboxers. I’m hoping to engage, and spread the knowledge and share the experience to them. I am personally excited to see these new and promising faces of this incubator.

Our @steemph.cebu philanthropic projects and successful meetups would never have been as successful without the support of communities like @sndbox. Cheers!


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